Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And you thought we were going to run…


Lucky 13 posted for what became a cage match.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to the Carillon, head up and down the steps, and then mosey back to the circle.  Warmup COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixote, scapula merkins, scorpions

Mosey to the rusty cage for the main event:

  • 8 overhand pull-ups, 10 clerkins, 20 mtn climbers: repeato x3
  • 6 chin-ups, 10 werkins, 15 leg raises: repeato x3
  • Form 2 lines and shimmy across pull-up bar to the center: repeato x4
  • 4 commando pull-ups, 10 diamonds, 20 2 count flutter kicks: repeato x3
  • Form 2 lines and shimmy across pull-up bar to the outside of the cage
  • 4 close grip overhand pull-ups, 10 clerkins, 15x WWII sit-ups: repeato x3
  • 6 over or underhand jerkins at the dip bars: repeato x4

Mosey back to the flag for the angry caterpillar.  The PAX lines up in the same direction, hits the deck and places their feet on the person behind them.  This was originally meant to be a crawl to the flag, but it devolved to just merkins.  Finish with American Hammers till time expired.

NMM:  The PAX seem to think that the run around the Carillon implied a more running oriented workout.  Camping out at the rusty cage for nearly the entire workout got that out of everyone’s head.  If you didn’t get your upper body workout today, you were skipping reps.  The jerkins at the end pretty much killed YHC.  Thanks to Saab for helping me get through that, and special thanks to Swirly/Pinocchio as well.  The entire PAX nows knows the proper way to use the nose on the diamond push-ups or any other triangular oriented activity.  The member of the PAX in front of Swirly on the Angry Caterpillar can attest to his skills.

Lastly, thanks to the entire PAX for helping get YHC and BT ready for our Spartan race.  We are well prepared for anything that gets thrown at us.., except for spears.


  • HDHH workout and 2nd F next Weds, see Hardywood’s backblast (Flipper will be singing)
  • Spartan still open for any interested- 9/24
  • Bear Creek trail run- Register now!

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q Toga – love the rusty cage gorilla beatdown!!
    Yep put your nose right in the triangle boys – the rewards are wonderful – like I told Trophy during the BRR – smells like roses baby!

  2. Way to blast the arms today Toga. Pretty sure we can never EH any of those ST’ers who saw us at the end with the Human Centipede though…

  3. Nice work today fellas my watch said we ran 1.3 miles thanks to BT I now can operate my watch. It was great to see a pax pushing it today, Thanks again Toga for the leadership!!!

  4. Nice focus on upper body Toga…went by quick and felt smoked in the end. Apologies to Swirly for the view during the angry caterpillar…I’ll do some trimming of the shrubs for next time.

    The aforementioned Colonel Lingus tips from Swirly really augmented the workout today.

    Saab out

  5. Toga–good Q, way to get every muscle group working form the waist up. Those jerkins at the end were tough!

  6. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    That is a solid beatdown, and hopefully will help us avoid multiple Spartan burpees. Sippy pounded out those jerkins like a pro.