Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pre-blast: Trails 101


Trail-running PAX are anxious to get new people out on the trails on Sunday mornings.  YHC has heard from several that the mileage is too much.  That dog no longer hunts: starting Sunday, there will be 3-4 mile routes offered in addition to regular routes to allow new runners to build up stamina.

Trail runs are at your own pace, and the PAX circles back every 1-1.5 miles to get the six.  No PAX left behind!

Join the PAX on Sundays at 7am to experience: sunrises over the James River and cemeteries, trail mermaids, the Spur, the Sugar/Slingshot Tree, scratching the Nutsack Tree, and, an awesome 1st and 2nd F before you hustle home to get your 3rd F on!




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  1. Trail running PAX, respond with your favorite aspects of the trail. Let’s leave out LabRat topless and TYA in bike shorts…

  2. I like the variability of the trail with different conditions around the bends. This not only keeps the run interesting, but allows me to run by how I feel and not by time.

    I like stream crossings which is good because bear creek has 10 of them.

    Exploration is great! Whether blazing a path along the river to find a way back to the ao or running up close to the trains and homeless campers, you get a unique view of our city unlike no other.

    Texas Beach is pure bliss. Like being a kid again.

  3. Sunday mornings are my favorite when the weather is clear and cool. Being out on the quiet trails before the city wakes up is pure bliss.

    That, and the nut sack tree.