Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bro-Code Run


4 pax decided to meet the day with a run.  Weather was 70 and sticky, as summer claims it’s last few days of 2016.  A great morning for a run sans-shirt, and 1 pax member finally agreed with Q.  The run went like this:

Lab Rat had a 4, 5, and 6 mile route planned, but with a smallish pax, the decision was made to keep the pax together for a “bro-code run”, a tradition of the Rutland group to keep the pax together and only fart downwind of pax (YHC thinks that’s part of bro code).  Run took the cut through to King’s Charter, then used modern technology to turn around at the 2.25 mile mark to shoot for 4.5 miles.  Actual mileage came out a little heavier than that with some circling back to the six.


First off, great to run with Anchovy without the larger groups….not to say they werent missed, but a smaller group means a more meaningful conversation.  YHC always enjoys getting to know individual pax members better….and DaVille has been tough on that with the bigger pax we have experienced.

Also, Spit is now back to running shape, and is now running distances with ease he struggled with a mere month ago.  He is enjoying the fruits of the hard work he has been putting in since starting F3.  That is always a great thing to see unfold.  Great work, Spit!  Glad you are a part of us.

Lastly, Opus is becoming a runner as well.  He is at the point where he can do the mileage, but it is still tough.  He pushed thru this morning like a badass though, finishing 4.5 miles (plus) for his longest run so far this year!  Well done, Opus!  Keep banging on that door and it’s going to fall.  YHC promises to have a motivational song loaded up for next week.  You do like country, right?

Great run this morning, gents.  Loved the Bro-Code style of keeping the pax together.  Easy pace was welcomed this morning with sore legs from Reesestrong.  Also, sorry about the “easy pace” comment to Opus, but it’s all relative…you would lap us in a guitar playing contest.  Lab Rat CAN sing, though.


-Shane’s Shuffle 5K October 8 at 8:30.  Anchovy is helping out with this event, it is a memorial run for Capt. Shane Adcock who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq….this year will mark the 10th Anniversary of his death.

-New Mechanicsville AO kicking off this Friday at 5:30.  New Highland Baptist Church on New Ashcake Rd.  Abacus is heading this up.

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  1. Labrat – get me the info on the the new AO.
    Type of workout – Run or bootcamp

    I’ll get added to the app.