Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Follow the Black-on-Pink Signs


Four PAX tumbled out of the fartsack, one in bike shorts (yikes!), into a foggy muggy morning for a trail run.

The THANG:  Northside to the southside.  COT.

NMM: YHC began the morning by tapping the Offshore accounts and settling his gambling debts in DK’s survivor pool after the Aints dropped their opener to the Raiders last week.

The PAX maintained a slow and steady pace and stayed together on a tough last summer morning.  Expectations were for something more like fall weather, but conditions were conducive to profuse sweating, leading some PAX to question whether they had made any gains after training all summer.  BRRers DK and TYA noted that the trails seemed so easy compared their legs last week.  Non-BRRers wondered how that could be.

TYA could not wait for colder temps to bring out the tights, and so went with bike shorts.  A young woman with a pink leopard print steering wheel pulled up asking for directions to a restroom.  TYA claimed she just wanted a closer look, but the PAX weren’t buying it, nor his additional justifications throughout the run for bike shorts.

The trail running PAX are anxious to get new runners out there, and are offering 3-4 mile routes.   Too-long routes are no longer an excuse!

Announcements: Stay tuned for info on the Tidewater area launch.  Sign up for the Bear Creek 10-miler (12/4).


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks offshore. Great run guys.

    The lady was certainly making a lame excuse to check me out.. I’m sure of it