Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Got to EARN that T-shirt!


16 North-Siders and 1 regular pax from inside city limits met in the gloom this morning to tackle a DaVille beatdown.  The weather was 70 and sunny, so no reason to stand around telling tales of the BRR, it aint going to workout itself!  We got some work done as follows:

Parking Lot Tracers

  • run up a parking space line, karaoke to next line, backwards run down that line.  Continue to end of parking lot


  • SSH IC X25
  • Don Quixote IC X20
  • Copperhead Squats IC X20
  • Arm Circles IC X10 little X5 big, Reverso
  • Merkins IC X10
  • Freddie Mercury IC X10


  • Leg Throws X25, keep partner for next drill
  • Love Angle:  First partner runs down past shrubery, around benches, then cuts left to volleyball net.  Return the way you came until you reach partner then switch.  Meanwhile partner covers ground doing exercises. Lunges, broad jump burpees, then inchworm merkins.  Keep swapping out exercizes and running until both team members meet at volleyball net.  Runners got to dodge randomly hidden obstacles, such as 20 foot long poles, support cables, and ditches.
  • Curb Crawl Do-Si-Do:  Keeping same partner, line up in the middle of soccer field facing partner.  Q’s side bows to partner, opposite side curtsy.  Plank up, in cadence move to called direction as a pax, then perform 10 merkins IC (5 4-counts).  Cover all directions.
  • 11’s:  Running the width of soccer field, 1 Freddy Mercury then 10 flutter kicks on opposite end.  Add 1 Freddy Mercury and subtract 1 flutter kick until flip-flopped to 10 FM and 1 FK.



Lockjaw has been telling YHC for weeks that he needed to get out to DaVille so that he could finally get to wear the DaVille T-shirt that he bought.  Imagine YHC’s surprise when he pulled in right behind the truck this morning and stepped out into the gloom.  He strategically picked this morning to skip his local Spider Run as Toga has the Q and will undoubtedly punish anybody recovering from BRR with a hilly loop since he had to miss out.  He is “Old Toga” these days.  Glad to have you out, brother!  Wear that shirt with pride now!

YHC is happy to see good numbers still posting since the start of school has flipped alot of schedules around (YHC’s included).  Hopefully those numbers will swell a bit more after this week’s ReeseStrong 5K as there is another Mechanicsville AO in the planning stages, courtesy of Abacus.  Monday Tomato run from Atlee high still firing off as well.

Typical of a Lab Rat Q, the mumblechatter was on the low side.  There was however some counting sound off battle going around, as DaVille regulars are still struggling on whether to count regular or repeat counting 1-9 only. YHC was having trouble holding it together listening to each version getting louder and louder trying to enforce their will on the other side.  Personally, Lab Rat hopes that this battle will drone on and on, as he finds it hilariously entertaining.

The pax worked hard this morning and crammed alot into the 45 minutes.  This group is definitely coming around.  YHC particularly noted the leaps that Spit has made over the last couple months.  Hard effort and continuous posting will pay off.  Well done, Spit!

It’s great to be back out at DaVille, love this group.


  • ReeseStrong 5K this Saturday.  Show up, wear your F3 gear if you have it, and bring a shovelflag if you have one.  If you cant run and want to come hang out, we will have a booth set up.  Kids are welcome and encouraged to come.
  • F3 Richmond has gone from a Nomad to a Region.  The pax is standing by to see what the hell that means.

Lab Rat out


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  1. Great work gents. Sorry to miss this am. Would have loved to participated in the counting battle. See everyone later this week.

  2. Da ville is a great ao with plenty of space to roam around. It was good to meet all of the north of town pax and workout with you.

    I also felt right at home with the unique style of count during the COP.

    My t shirt can now be worn with pride and a part of the regular rotation.

    Good workout today!