Saturday, December 3
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Pushing Through


12 men showed up big time today and pushed through injuries and soreness from the BRR.  On the way to the AO I saw a guy running on the sidewalk with a head lamp trip and take a nasty fall.  I stopped to find out if he was ok and it was Kevin Bacon running to the AO. His legs and hands had some deep looking cuts.   Good thing Flipper comes prepared he whipped out his first aid kit for KB.

We started out with some warm ups reps of bear crawls, merkins, SSH and side walking planks.

The Thang:   3 rounds of triple check Run-Merkins-flutter kicks The Pax tore it up in about 15 minutes just in time for 3 more rounds of Run-jack knives- burpees.

Than we ran to the benches for decline merkins 25, 25 single leg jump ups, 25 knees to chest that was round 1, we had time to do round 2!!!

Ring of Fire 3 rounds 1- merkins 2- jump squats 3- American Hammers

Then we ran back to the flag side-back- side- forward, than back to the Flag.

What a great morning it was the weather was perfect and the fields are in great shape.  Thanks again for letting me lead to today.  Its was great to see Loose Goose and to meet Sin Bin out on the F3 battle field.


Reese Strong 5k Run this Wed

Monday boot camp starting on southside instead of trail run look for the AO change

Also we will be helping Hampton start their AO so look for dates in Oct also we need help running their group for couple of weeks more info to come. It looks like Dreamliner is taking the lead on this.




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  1. Great Q Flashdance!

    Also, thank you so much for stopping to help me out after I fell. It was nice to see a friendly face after the tumble I took.

    Also, thanks to Flipper for the first aid at the AO.

    I assessed the damage after getting home and it looks like I’m going to be ok….just a little sore (although that’s probably got more to do with the beatdown than the fall).


  2. Great work stepping into the Q Flashdance, I know I wasn’t ready mentally to put something together. Welcome back Loose Goose. Spread the word on the change with RiverRun to a bootcamp workout on Mondays at Bettie Weaver.

  3. I just happened to check yesterday afternoon and saw that is was blank, with 26 of our pax spent from the weekend it was a sign to lead!!! Had fun this morning

  4. KB Way to bring it after dropping about a pint of blood in Flashdances car..however your thanks for the first aid kit must go to M Flipper… The Costco trip that saw M Flipper come home with like 6 first aid kits….conversation goes like this…Me: why the heck do we need all these damn FA kits…M Flipper: just put it in your car… One of your dumb ass friends will probably bite it running in the dark…. She is a prophet. Great Q Flashdance