Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Ambulance or Beer Truck


An enthusiastic PAX of seven posted for Dogpile just ahead of the SpeakUp 5K planned for later that morning.

The Thang:

We moseyed from the Dogwood Dell parking lot across the driveway northward to a grassy knoll for the COP with 15 x Imaginary jumpropes, 20 x Hillbillies, 15 x Don Quixotes, and 15 x Arm Circles (little then big, forward then reverse).

We headed north for a jog around the perimeter of the Vita Course, sticking to the sidewalks and less busy streets.  Stop at each lit streetlight for Little Baby Crunch set of 20 – YHC didn’t count the number of streetlights.  Upon completion of an LBC set, PAX members would jog in place.  Approximately 8 streetlights lined Blanton Avenue as we jogged north and another 6 along Trafford Road after we took a right turn.

At the north end entry to the Vita Course, the PAX took a break for Jenny.  For those of you getting a little “hate” at workouts, Jenny’s phone number, from a 1981 song by Tommy Tutone, was 867-5309.  At the north end entry, the PAX completed 86 x Leg Circles (Box Cutters but with circles), 75 x Carolina Dry Docks, 30 x Squats (4 count), and 9 x Burpees.

We continued our jog around the corner at Trafford Road with a left on Spottswood Road headed south.  Streetlights thinned out on Spottswood, but that side of the course was a little longer, so we finished another 7 or so LBC sets.   Near the south end of the Vita Course, we completed another round of Jenny with 86 x Alabama Prom Dates, 75 x Wide Grip Merkins, 30 x Step Behinds (2 count), and 9 x Burpees.

We jogged south across Park Drive to the posts lining the Dogwood Dell.  Each man gets a post and finishes 10 x Pole Smokers, 10 x Tip Toe Squats, and 10 x Incline Merkins.  PAX ran a weave through the posts towards the toll plaza.  At the transition from posts to rocks, we picked a rock and completed another set of the same three exercises.  Weave through the rocks to just before the turn to the Pump House and complete one more set.

Mosey up the hill, past the dog park, behind the ampitheater, and down the hill to the Rusty Cage (Pull-Up Bars as named by Honey Do – missed the Grunge themed workout).  PAX completed three rounds of 5 x Pull-Ups, 10 x Rows (underhanded on Dip Bars), and 10 x Xs and Os.

Return to the ShovelFlag


PAX discussed apparent Blue Ridge Relay exploits of our brothers running the NC mountains.  We were pulling for you guys.

YHC was very glad to meet some Daville-ians.  Glad to put some faces with F3 names.

It seems there are two spots in that vast parking lot where one can get a ShovelFlag in the ground.  The rest is grassy gravel.

The beer truck arrived at the scene of the SpeakUp 5K before 6 am but, alas, no samples were offered.


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