Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crowded morning run


7 Stalwarts posted for a morning run starting at UR. Weather was absolutely glorious. 63 degrees, downright cool for a morning jaunt.

The Thang:

Grandmother run….over the river and through he woods. Take the road down to the path next to the golf course, follow the path to the end and run along huguenot road and over the bridge, go West on Riverside drive until it hits Cherokee. Turn around and follow the same path back to the start.


Toga and Swirly were leading the pack today. They had a good pace going and had a strong run. Next was YHC, Upchuck and Zima. We had Toga and Swirly in our sights the whole way, but they we extending there lead steadily. Coming up the rear were Marv and Sippy. They seemed to be moving at a good pace, but pulled in last. Oh…did I mention they started about 5 or so minutes after us.

Since we ran up to the corner of Cherokee, Upchuck blessed Zima and I with his Cherokee road story. I will skip lots of details, but here is what I got out of the story. Neighbors son knocks on Upchucks door on Dec 26th, 130 am. 19 year old, Alabama student (Toga tie in here), drunk, can’t remember where his parents moved to. Asks for a ride to his parents house, but can’t remember where it is, so instead asks for a ride to party where his friend, Will, is. Since Will is a Duke attendee, he is described as a douche and a fag (over and over again). While Upchuck drives neighbor to party, the neighbor asks Upchuck “is your wife hot?, because i forgot to look”. He drives neighbor to a party on Cherokee where there is a rage going on. Neighbor asks Upchuck to wait while he sees if Will is there. Upchuck cruises, never to hear from the neighbor or his parents ever again.

Seal team was out in force today. It made for a very crowded run on the way back. The group was running down the path to across the bridge to the bottom of the hill and back. As a result, on our jaunt back, there was very little room on the sidewalk or break down lane, making the road a little tight for all of us. Swirly will love this part…Upchuck pointed out to YHC that several of the Seal runners cut 20-40 yards off the route turning back before the bottom of the hill…”why would you run all that way and cheat on the last 20-40 yards” is what Upchuck said.

Lots of BRR talk post run. Less than 70 hours till game time for one of our teams. We are ready to go.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great run guys – wow what a beautiful morning… My man Upchuck has the best damn stories….Keepem coming buddy..
    No excuse for cutting it short unless you are paying for it and the guy with the clip board can’t see you cause his ass is standing back at the starting line !!
    See y’all in the gloom..