Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Showing of Barclays


10 runners – 13 total guys came out for the Wed afternoon hill run and here is how it went down..

Hillcrest Loop  – run 4-6 laps…….. Boom!

On the schedule this was the final afternoon hill run in preparation for the BRR…. However  YHC would like to continue this event throughout the year – stay tuned..   The pax put in a good solid effort in hopes for some cold ones at the finish line…Thankfully cold ones and burgers along with great fellowship and a showing of The Barclays Marathons followed our run… Thanks to TYA for hosting and organizing the Wed hill run/ fellowship/ BRR – well done brother… The pax received packets of info regarding the BRR along with their drinks / food / movie…  In the packets there was a special gift designed by Honeydo that was very well received by the pax – can;t wait to wear mine – Corporate baby! Special props to Junkyard who locked his keys in his car before running – dude did not freak out – he simply called for help and began what he came there to do – well done dude..

YHC would like to congratulate the pax for all of the hard work they have put in training over the last year. It’s hard to believe the BRR is only 6 days away from today – in fact YHC would be close to finishing up my first leg right about this time….. Not that YHC thinks about this much…

Huge props to TYA and Bleeder for their leadership – these guys have put together a great event and we are sure to enjoy this coming weekend – thanks guys we could never pull this off with out y’all ! Every route is hard – just remember 1 foot in front of the other give this race your best effort – you can make it – your fellow pax and BRR team are with you every step of the way..YHC would also recommend remembering each time you run that cold beers, hot tubs, college football and some of the best stories ever told lie just ahead at the finish line..   It’s almost game time fella’s and YHC is  ready to take the field – are you with me??



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Labor Day Workout @ Dogpile 6AM !
    Have a good weekend – see y’all in the gloom….

  2. Props to TYA, Bleeder,and to you Swirly for making it all possible and downright awesome along the way. You said it all…I am there man!

    Saab does abide.

  3. That was a tough run on the hills. I am thankful for my legs. Looking forward to pushing myself to the limit. Maybe tossing a bit of Merlot along the way. However it is against the rules of BRR!