Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shuffle up and deal


At SOT recently the gloom is real.  We believe that due to construction work on the school the parking lot lights have been out all summer and was only noticed the last few weeks as it has gotten darker.  Hopefully they will be back on for the bus drivers when they start up next week.  4 SOT regulars found each other in the dark of the parking lot for a simple yet effective card playing beatdown.


Mosey into the light behind the school for COP.  SSH, Copperhead Squats, Arm Circles

Mosey to the basketball court for Blackjack.  Start at one side of the court, 20 merkins + 1LBC, run to the other for 19 merkins + 2 LBC…continue until 1 merkin + 20 LBC always with a sum of 21.

Move to the center of the basketball courts for a Deck of Death.  Number on the card and designated exercise for each suit.  Jack=11 to Ace=14

  • Hearts – Alabama Prom Dates
  • Diamonds – Crunchy Frogs
  • Spades – Mountain Climbers
  • Clubs – Monkey Humpers
  • Jokers – 15 burpees

Back to the shovel flag for Numberama and Namearama.  Gumbo took us out.


Great work today guys.  As Lugnut said, a lot accomplished by not moving very much and with the monkey humpers added it there was a nice effect of jello legs as we moved back to the flag.  Bobber continues to crush the workouts at SOT and is working his way toward signing up to Q soon, as encouraged by Lugnut.  YHC has been wanting to bring back Blackjack since Lugnut brought it out at SOT months back and when a deck of cards in a nice plastic case was found recently, it was only a matter of time to put those together.  The deck will stay in the car so it can be brought out at any time if needed.  The dreaded Jokers will stay in the deck as well.

It looks like after further study the RiverRun AO will stay in rotation.  Lugnut did some daylight recon and determined that there is plenty to do with tracks, playground equipment, hills and more that have not been tapped into with the run only AO.  Time to EH those southsiders.

Run and Barkley Marathons tonight at Hillcrest and TYA’s.  Come get your BRR swag.

A pleasure to lead.



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  1. Very effective, yet simple, Q today Rosie. Nice work. Jello arms from the merkins and jello legs from the monkey-humpers and evil Jokers. Great work this morning fellas.

  2. Nice work gents. Sorry I missed it. Lugnut has a way to influence someone into doing things (Q) that you might otherwise not do. Magical powers……..hmmmmm!

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