Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What’s life without choices…


9 showed for today’s workout at U of R. Running Options: Relatively flat River Run (TYA bat cave to bridge to Riverside, etc.) or hillier option through Bandy Field, St Chris, etc. (lots of ins and outs and what have yous…) Biking route: See Bleeder… I can say, however, a portion of it involved pedaling from Windsor Farms to the UR campus.

We welcomed our visitor Prohibition from Charlotte today. It was also great to see DK for what is assumed his first(?) visit to the Spider Run (thanks for making the trip dude…hope you weren’t too late getting home). As far as the routes chosen, all opted for the River Run with exception of Sippy and YHC (who was eager to get back to some hills after spending time running at the beach). While I can’t speak to all that went on, there was post discussion regarding preparation for the BRR and when one should begin tapering. (Turns out it can range from 2 weeks or 2 months…depending upon whom you ask…)

Training Run at 5:30pm Hillcrest on Wed. followed by hangout at TYA’s for BBQ and showing of Barclay’s Marathon (the documentary that got YHC going on his most recent ultra-run endeavor). YHC would like to extend many thanks to TYA for his hospitality and overall coordination of the BRR. The guy is a pillar of F3 and one of the many reasons YHC gets the energy to show up in the morning.

BRR: Sometime soon. See TYA for details.

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  1. Great work guys. Thanks for the run Sippy…I can’t say I would have gone it alone, and it felt great to hit the hills and push myself to keep pace with you.

  2. That was indeed my first Spider Run, Saab…but definitely not my first time running across the Huguenot and around to Cherokee Rd. That probably happened in 1991 during high school cross country practice. Sorry to scram before the COT. Made it home in time for the school run.

    Cheers to Prohibition. Glad you came out! Hope you enjoyed the sunrise over the James.

    Good running, gents.

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run. Had my legs back for the first time in three weeks. What a relief!

    Good to run with DK and pucker. On the other side, ive been having minor epelectic seizures all day as a result of BTs flashing light.

  4. Great running with you boys this morning. I appreciate the hospitality and I hope to see you somewhere in the mountains next week. If not, I’ll certainly see you again one day soon at an F3 Richmond workout when I’m in town. Good luck to all of you on the BRR.

  5. As I told Swirly, we were just a few minutes ahead of a beautiful sunrise. Would love to have seen it, but I could make out what it was trying to look like. Maybe next time.