Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweaty toll paid at No Toll


17 brave men left the cozy comforts of their fartsack and took the toll at no toll on a pleasant and clear August morning.  Here is how it went down.


20 X SSH
20 X Imperial Walkers
10 X Daniel Son
20 X Flutter Kicks
20 X LBCs
10 2ct Merkins

20 Burpees OYO 

Mosey to Front Soccer Field

Catch me if you Can X 3 (In the dark)

1 Partner runs backwards while other partner performs exercise…upon completion exercising partner sprints to catch the other partner.

Round 1 – Carolina Dry Docks x 10
Round 2 – Bear Crawl 15 yds
Round 3 – Merkins x 10

Mosey to Pavilion

Escalator at Pavilion

10 – Jump Ups
20 – Derkins
30 – Dips
40 – Squats


Mosey to front field

Triple Check

1 = Pole Smokers
2 = Mountain Climbers
3 = Run

Quarter Pounder

25 Yds = 25 Merkins
50 yds = 50 squats
75 yds = 75 Mountain Climbers
100 yds = 100 LBCs


Wave Merkin X 10 finishing with 10 in Unison
Freddie Mercuries x 20
American Jammers x 15

Mosey back to flag

Numberama, Name o Rama,


BRR Practice at Hillcrest on Wednesday; TYAs after with showing of ‘Barkley Marathons’
Reece Strong 5k 9/17
Spartan 9/24
Rugged Maniac 10/1

YHC took us out


It was a pleasure leading the PAX this morning through a series of fairly active and varied exercises.  There was not a lot of chatter amongst the PAX as we kept a pretty healthy pace throughout.  A couple of funnier moments came at my own expense as YHC fumbled through the Daniel Son exercise in the COP.  Given the namesake of the exercise applies to an 80s movie that I loved, I thought it would be a fun addition to the routine.  Unfortunately, I got a little footloose and did not execute that one well.  Hopefully, it made for a good laugh for the PAX :).

We did a lot of running this AM, and a couple of the highlights included Oyster and Hardywood crushing the sprints on the Triple Check.  I also partnered with To Can throughout the morning and enjoyed the camaraderie and solid effort displayed. All in all, the PAX got their work on this morning and pushed through each of the exercise with determination.  The wave of merkins at the end was also a sight to see.

Thanks again for letting me lead…see you all in the gloom.



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  1. Great Q KB. I enjoyed the variety and DAMN those NoToll fields are plush.

    We will have to give Daniel-son another try sometime, though one thing is clear – approach KB from the left as his Flamingo-kick is not strong from that side.

    Shout-out to Ricky Bobby who may compete for the best plank form — man was like a statue today. Rock solid. Strong work.

  2. Nice Q KB, although all I have to say about the Daniel-San is Sweep the Leg, Cobra Kai forever!
    Also way to post NoToll, outnumber the Daville crowd by 2 today, Aye.

  3. Sorry I missed it sounds like a festival of activities, nice VQ. Way to step up and lead!! Our group only gets stronger with more leaders!!!