Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Death By Donkey Kicks


4 brave and fearless men accepted the challenge at Batteau to break free from the sultry hold of the fartsack.  We took full advantage of this moment.

The thang:

COP (Hardywood) – 20 X SSH, Imperial Walker, LBC, Freddy Mercury, +10 Merkin.

Indigenous Persons Run Pole Smokers (Swirly) – Line up with post and have your feet six inches off the ground.  The first man performs 5 pole smokers while the other men are holding their feet off the ground.  Once the pole smoker is done, that man runs to the end and the next one goes.

10 X 2 X 3 (Swirly) – Perform 10 dips and 10 incline merkins. Complete three rounds.

King Bear (Bleeder) – Spaced out among 5 trees each man performs a wall squat.  The first man bear crawls to the next tree and tags that man holding the squat.  That man then bear crawls to the next tree, etc.  Perform continuous sets for 5 min.

Curb Crawl (Swirly) – Bear crawl to on curb and complete 1 incline merkin.  Crawl bear back to the starting curb and complete 2 incline merkins.  Bear crawl to complete 3 incline merkin, etc.  Work our way up to 5 merkins and then back down.

Death By Donkey Kicks (Hardywood) – Start with 5 donkey kicks and start a 30 second timer.  Once the timer goes off complete 6 donkey kicks.  When the timer goes off again complete 7 donkey kicks, etc to 15 donkey kicks in a round.

Indigenous Persons Run Up The Hill Of Ill Regret (Slurpee)

Tenzing Sherpa (Hardywood) – 30 two count mountain climbers, 10 jump squats.  20 MC/20 JS, 10 MC/30 JS

Mosey back to flag, numberama, namerama, Swirly lead us out

Moleskin – At about 2 minutes before we started the collective Pax recognized there was no defined Q.  As good men do, we all stepped up to take the lead.  Today, as are most of the best days was a team effort.

Of particular note was the work we did on the Hill Of Ill Regret.  It is one of the hardest hills in all of Richmond.  Our man Bleeder not only ran up the hill, but he completed every cycle of the Indigenous Persons Run.  I am 90% sure he has a bionic leg that is held together with duct tape, a baboon tendon and pieces from an Erector Set.  It’s hard to have any justifiable excuses when that kind of effort is shown.

Also of note was the run up the hill by Slurpee. Just one week earlier, on the same hill, doing the same exercise he fell off the back and walked the hill.  This week, he came back with a purpose in his belly. Not only did he suggest it, but he dominated it.  This was a beautiful thing to see and a very sold effort.

You guys are the best.  Big cheers to the brave men of Batteau.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Thanks for taking the lead on the BB Hardywood – well done.. Great job on the Hot Potato guys – that was a good workout!
    Freaken awesome job Bleeder pushing up that hill – that was indeed impressive… Next time one of you is laying in the fartsack thinking of staying there I want you to think of Bleeder giving it everything he has getting up that hill in an Native American run…

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