Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Boys of Fall


21 Gridiron Warriors posted for a two-a-day style 45MOM smashmouth beatdown.  Swirly planted the flag and EF took the snap.  Here’s how it went down.


Mosey to the futbol field for warmup COP


  • SSH x DeAngelo Hall (23)
  • Russian Soldiers x Josh Norman (24)
  • Monkey Humpers x Bashaud Breeland (26)
  • Dollys x Duke Ihenacho (29)
  • Arm Circles x Kirk Cousins (8)
  • Merkins to failure – elbow plank, repeato

Agility Drills

  • High Knees (Over and Back on 1, SET HUT!)
  • Crossovers
  • Karaokes
  • Drop Step Crossovers
  • Backpedals
  • Bearcrawl (halfway, roll, sprint)
  • Sprints

Position Drills (5 mins each)

  • RBs (Partner Carries)
  • Linemen (Plank Rolls)
  • WRs (Pattern Tree – Hook, 10 and Out, Post, Fly)

Bull in the Ring (F3 Style – Grassdrill Burpee Shuffle)

Homecoming Suite

  • APDs x Matt Jones (31)
  • Pickle Pounders x Colt McCoy (16)

Take a Lap and Mosey back to shovel flag


Every year around this time YHC drives by one of the local high schools and sees the team out going through the same drills YHC did about 18 years ago and boy does it take YHC back.  Those that really know YHC, know how much YHC lives for football.  YHC would do just about anything to go back, put the pads on, and go to war one more time.  There’s nothing quite like the Friday Night Lights (except maybe Saturday and Sunday for the lucky few).  The video included perfectly summarizes what football meant to YHC as a kid.  Anyone else get goosebumps watching that?

The PAX seemed quite amused by YHC’s choice of shirts this morning.  Some debated whether YHC was heading straight for the golf course, some wondered if YHC was just planning to skip the showers and head straight to the office, while some thought YHC was just a plain weirdo.  As the beatdown unfolded, the PAX began to catch on and it made much more sense as the darkness of the gloom lifted and the workout ended.  YHC was sporting an original 1980s W&L HS coach’s polo worn by YHC’s own head coach Lee Sterner circa 1995.  YHC opted out of the old BIKE shorts.  The PAX was also baffled trying to figure out the basis for YHC’s COP counts. Prime numbers, really?  Nothing as cool as that, just your Washington Redskins starting DBs and Captain Kirk.

As the PAX broke out into position groups it became clear that YHC better get his head back in the playbook as he totally drew a blank trying to deliver the assignment for the 4th position group  (Linebackers FWIW) and could not read his Chris Weinke in the gloom.  Perhaps YHC has a little bit of CTE.  Perhaps YHC has a little bit of CTE.  Wait, where the hell am I?

If any of the PAX really wants to smash some heads Swirly and the kids at his park are down for a game of Smear the …..

Men, thanks for coming out and indulging YHC.  Hopefully you all walk away today feeling like a 16 year old boy, check better man.  It was a privilege to step out front and lead once again.

COT – 1-2-3 F3!


Run next Wednesday then refreshments at TYA’s plus a screening of The Barkley Marathon

Wear your flannel to Dogpile on Saturday as HoneyDo pays tribute to Grunge.  Sorry to have to miss though YHC is more of a Hair Band guy anyway.

If you need access to F3 Nation and group communications text F3RVA to 97000.  Is that right Hardywood?  Charges may apply.

Rugged Maniac on October 1 at Virginia Motorsports Park if anyone wants to join YHC.


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  1. Goosebumps indeed. I’d love to put the pads on one more time. Sounds like a great workout. Well done EFH.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q EF -I’m ready for the 2 practice – it’s two a day time right !! Second practice I always got to take snaps/throw and run the ball – (green black Chicago – green black Chicago – check it Yellow 31 – yellow 31 – HUT!
    Sorry forgot I was not 16 anymore…
    Yep there will be a football in the Swirly van to pass the time – we will see if I can still sling it around the field – sure to be some ESPN Top 10 catches out there – glad we will have the drone to catch it all on camera 🙂
    Hey I am ready for some 7’s rugby

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    By the way I teared up and got chills watching that video – so I ran out of my office and knocked the crap out of the first guy I saw – WOOOOOOOO!

  4. Someone tried to persuade me that your cadence count was fibonacci. My guess is whomever suggested that spent too much time on the gridiron and not enough time counting numbers.

    My guess for cadence was random numbers and it appears as if I was right as the redskins secondary is a random assortment of knuckleheads.

    TYA and Singer are apparently still very sensitive to deflated balls comments.

    Well done EF. I can now say that I have participated in a football practice other than simply running around the track watching real football players crush skulls.

  5. Yes ET, you can text F3RVA to the number 97000 and we’ll get you signed up. It takes 30 seconds and you’ll be better for it. This will get you access to the Back Blast and Q Sheet.

    You can also go straight to the link here: https://goo.gl/forms/w6qVmbU8PbSaJKSA3

    Also, if you do text please do not send pics of your junk. No one thinks thats funny.

  6. Excellent Q and BB, coach! It’s like you’ve been waiting for this since last fall…