Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Return of Fall Weather


10 strong and eager runners posted on a glorious Wednesday afternoon for a few hills.

The Thang:

Hillcrest loop…Charmian extension – choose the number of loops


Only two weeks left until the BRR, one more Wednesday hill run. Pax all seem to be ready to roll. Weather is starting to help us on the training front. It was 85 degrees and low humidity for the run, and it was nice to finish a run without looking like I had taken a swim in the river. Swirly has so much energy around the BRR, that I am afraid he might start running towards Asheville starting Saturday.

Bleeder posted for the pre-run hoping to get a look at TYA’s new toy (the toy was not on site, but Bleeder did manage to crash the toy within 2 minutes of operating it, this morning). One of Bleeder’s best friends stopped by during his bike training on Hillcrest. Bleeder has been trying to get this guy out to F3 for 2 years now. Now that he met a few of us and saw what we had to offer, I am not sure if he is more or less likely to post.

The PAX headed to ET’s post workout. Issues continue with the service and the services at the bar. The normal non-existent staff was not there, plus the beer tap was out of commission. This did not stop the F3 crew. The crew just bought some bottled beer onsite and poured a few on the patio outside. Lab Rat continues to be a regular on Wednesday night. No, he doesn’t run on Wednesday’s, he just posts for the post race activities. I am a little worried that he might miss the running portion of the BRR and just show up at the post race house for the party. Only time will tell.

A couple of classic highlights at Ellwoods. 1) Saab who was trying to track down Aisle 5 in the store, turned the corner at Ellwoods and yelled “Aisle 5″….lots of confused looks from the patrons and a bit of self consciousness from Saab 2) The naming of the new Monday morning run at Atlee (first non official run was this Monday). Lab Rat threw out the text stream he and Abacus were having, then suggested some pretty lame alternatives. He redeemed himself at the end coming up with “Tomato run” since its in Hanover…. 3) Aisle 5 drinking some Cabernet with the the rest of the boys chugging beers. YHC does not understand why he finds this so funny, but I do.


Next Wednesdays run followed by some food and beers at my house with a special showing of the Barkley’s Marathons


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great run guys. I really enjoy the Wednesday hills. I will probably post for a while post BRR to get ready for the 1/2 I’m doing November.

  2. Always happy to swoop in on a 2nd F I didn’t earn!

    All future AO’s should be discussed over a couple sixers of Sweet Josie! Shirt design is going to be awesome!

    PS, I hope ET’S keeps the current policy of beer distribution. One step away from “you have to keep it in a brown bag”. El cheapo!