Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Footloose VQ at Batteau


This morning 5 faithfuls took a plunge into the dark abyss of Batteau to kick off our Sunday shoes and cure our Monday blues with a VQ beatdown from YHC.

The Thang

Mosey to bottom of stairs/hill


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixote, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Merkins

Railroad Tracks

Pax forms a line, then one member runs out five yards and goes into low plank, 2nd follows by jumping over first ‘track’ and then going 5 yards further to low plank. Each other Pax member follows suit. This process continued to the 5th light post around the pond.

Ascending Burpees

From the 6th light post, each PAX member performs 3 Burpees and run to next light post adding an additional burped at each lamp post then stopping at the bridge

Dora 123

100 Merkins
200 LBCs
300 Squats

Other partner runs to 3rd light post and back

Native American Runs up hill of ill regret (audibled half way up to OYO)

Modified Eleven Curb Crawl

BC to 1 side do 10 derkins
CW to opposing side do 1 Dip
proceed until you get to 1 derkin and 10 dips

Wheel of Merkin

Mosey to Flag

Mary – dealer’s choice core work

Freddie Mercury x 20 (Hardywood)
Flutter Kicks x 20 (Slurpee)
Alternating Leg Lifts X 20 (Swirly)
Alabama Prom Dates x 20 (Flipper)

Numberama, Name o Rama, No Announcements

YHC took us out


Last night I noticed that there was an opening for the Q at Batteau, and since I had already planned to attend, I decided I should make this my VQ. Even though it was fairly last minute, I wanted to make sure that I had a decent plan in place.   So I worked last night to layout my approach and exercises for the workout. Unbeknownst to me that in the midst of my planning I neglected to set an alarm, and thus this VQ almost never happened. Thankfully, my son (who is 4 and couldn’t sleep) woke me up at 0440 to crawl in our bed.  Luckily, just in time for me to awake from dreaming about burpees and bear crawls and get out and do some.

The weather was almost perfect and we used as much of the AO as time allowed. It was an absolute pleasure to take the Q and lead the PAX today. I must admit that all of the running almost did me in this morning. In hindsight, maybe the native American runs up the hill of ill regret was not such a good idea or even the bear crawls and crab walks that followed. But that is what is so great about F3. Each morning you get to go out and find out what you are made of, and use the opportunity to seek out our own physical boundaries, and get better.

See you all in the gloom.



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  1. Way to pull out the V card and play one solid Beat Down of a hand Kevin Bacon! One of the toughest and most rewarding starts to the week that I can remember….nice work fellas!!

  2. Don’t tell Kevin Bacon he can’t dance…wow. Solid VQ Mr. Bacon. Wish I was there to enjoy/hate it with you guys…kind of. You packed a ton into 45 minutes. Impressive.

    Seems like we have lots of new Qs with ambitious plans. That is awesome.

    See you fellas in the gloom at NoToll tomorrow. It will be Shawshank’s last posting before he heads back to Lexington for third-class year, so we’ll have to send him off right.

  3. Always glad to be part of sacrificing a V. KB never ever apologize for your Q. It was badass and you made me tapout on the Indian run up the hill… That is on me brother not you. I pushed my run hard during Dora and just didn’t have it that far up that hill. I will work harder and the next Q that sends us up that hill I will be ready. “There is a time To laugh and a time to weep…A time to mourn and there is a time to dance..And there was a time for this law, but not anymore… This is our time to Dance”