Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the original


13 warriors posted for a morning run and bike workout at Mary Mumford. Weather was mid 70’s and sunny, 60% humidity. Much better weather than we have been experiencing.

The Thang

Right on Grove avenue, 4 milers turn at Malvern, 5 milers at Roseneath, and 6 milers at the Boulevard. Take Grove all the way to Three Chopt, turn around and head back to the shovel flag.


The route we did this morning was our original running route, that we did for the first 30 or so RAMM runs. The run is well know and well liked by the PAX (Marv did compliment my creativity on the route). It was good to be back on Grove and know all the ups and downs as well as the milestones for mileage. Always nice to rekindle a old familiar route.

Marv, Sippy and Saab were leading the PAX today as usual. They all make running look so easy and fun. Fudd, Swirly, Lab Rat, Trophy (Kotters), Circle K, Aisle 5 and TYA were in the group that took the five mile option. Lugnut ran to Roseneath (the 5 mile turn) and turned back somewhere on Grove (I think). One of the things I love about the Libbie loop is that you get to see all the PAX along the way. It always nice to get (and give) a little encouragement to the PAX members.

I missed all the mumble chatter post run, so chime in with any relevant details.

TYA Out.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good run today guys – nice to run the old school route this morning Glad to know TYA is good to go…..
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. Good point about ability to see people along the way. Lab Rat called me out for having seen me twice…a testament to my not being able to decide whether to run 5 or 6. Enjoyed the post-chatter about BRR, and various wildlife (snakes, polar bears, mermaids, what have you…)

  3. Good to run with Trophy this morning, hadnt talked with him before. Way to get your 5 to 6 in there, Saab! Got to give you some kind of grief….that’s the best I got.

  4. No problem dude. Next time I’ll try and buy gloves that cost more than what I spend on tolls.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Sounds like old times. I ran 4 miles yesterday while on vacation and thought I might have a heart attack. What’s up with that?! I need my crew!

  6. Busy week, only green Suiter in the office this week, leading a ragnar run around forest hill and belle isle tomorrow, hope to cross paths with you fine gents and I should be good for next week.