Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

70 and Sunny – Not Really


A bunch of folks posted for a Wednesday evening hill run, 10 runners, one BEERFO, and a couple of folks for the second F at YHC’s house.

The Thang

6 or so loops on hillcrest, discretionary run up Chairman as desired.


The weather was rough. At the start it was 97 and 85% humidity. To compensate for the weather, the PAX had a cooler full of waters at the top of the hill. Everyone hydrated, but it was still a struggle.

The front of the PAX was rolling yesterday with Rosie, Hardywood, Marv and Sippy laying down some impressive laps. They took on the Chairman hill on at least 3 of there spins around the neighborhood. Swirly, despite his promises to himself to take it easy, cranked around the route with Fudd for four or so laps. Aisle 5 is a complete beast, when he came back to the top of the hill for the 5th time and saw everyone had finished, he simply kept rolling around the block, because he was committed to six laps. Circle K had a good pace going around, but found it hard to leave a late arriving Lab Rat alone at the top.

Second F followed at YHC’s house. We had plenty of beer and conversation. A long talk about the BRR ensued. Marc is still composing another 50 or so questions about the logistics of the BRR. M TYA, TSB and Herbie (my 2.0’s) joined in on the second F outside for a bit. The weather broke up the party prematurely, but fun seemed to be had by all.

I would like to claim that this run was my worst ever athletic performance, but alas, I can remember a few that would rank lower. I started off strong on the first two laps, getting warmed up and into a groove. I still had a few of the PAX in front of me in sight and was keeping up pretty well. I stopped to hydrate on the third lap and poured some cold water over my head. That is where things began to fall apart. I made it around on the third lap OK, from pure stubbornness, but on the fourth and fifth I struggled severely. I ended up walking about half the back side of the hill on each lap. One of the things I pride myself on is that I never give up. I am always willing to work through anything…walking the hills crushed me. I know it is not a lack of effort on my part, I have been doing these hills for the past three months and have never had to walk before. My body or my will simply didn’t have the energy yesterday. Triumph never comes without failure, I am hopeful that since I experienced yesterday’s failure, I will soon find the triumph. I will have to wait an see

TYA out…21 days til the BRR


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  1. You are waayyy to hard on yourself, TYA. The heart will win Egbert time! Thanks for hosting, and thanks for am you have done to make BRR a reality. I for one, am siked!

  2. TYA thank you for hosting the 2nd F and for all the time you’ve spent planning for the BRR. Lab Rat great beer. Thanks for the samples last night. Psyched to be in the Swirley van in the BRR.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    That run was brutal laps 5 and 6 for me were the slowest I have ever run those hills…
    Looking forward to the BRR – we are ready fella’s !
    See y’all in the gloom…

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