Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Trailer Sighting, Where is the Tractor Tire?


11 faithful RVA PAX showed at WDOG AO in the humidity to tackle the gloom and this is what took place:

Mosey to paved area in front of Carillon for short COP.  (YHC had a lot planned this morning)

Front Arms Circle (x10small,x5 big), Invisible Jump Rope x19, Back Arm Circles (x10small, x5 big)

Mosey to Carillon steps.  Bunny Hop up one side of steps, Lunge across top, down other side, x40 Squats.  Repeato x3.

Mosey to beginning of Carillon field.  Sprint to other side of field and plank on hill.

PAX lines up across width of field.  2 PAX carry Circle K’s tractor tire approximately 100 yards and back.  Rest of PAX performs 5 burpees and runs the 100 yards and back.  Halfway way through PAX carrying tire, audible froms burpees to LBCs x25.  Repeato until all PAX have carried tire.

PAX splits into two groups approxiamtely 30 yards apart facing each other.  First PAX flips tractor tire to corresponding person in other PAX line.  That member then flips it to other side.  Repeato until all PAX have flipped tire.

Mosey to side of Carillon field for 11s.  Run to other side of field, perform 10 pole smokers, run back to perform 1 merkin.  Repeato until 1 pole smoker and 10 merkins.

Mosey short distance to tractor tire for Tractor Tire Ring of Fire.  PAX begins in plank position and one PAX does ten merkins, next PAX performs ten merkins until all PAX around Ring of Fire has performed ten merkins.

Sprint back to side other side of Carillon field and plank on hill.  5 merkins OYO.

Mosey back to virtual shovel flag taking a route that included a journey through the steps of the amphitheater.

2 minutes of Mary.  Exercises performed, LBCs (Wedding Singer), Right and Left Cross Leg Lifts (Swirly)

COT. YHC took us out with prayer.  Forgot the Number and Name-arama, but thanks to Wedding Singer, we got it in after the prayer.

YHC signed up to Q at WDOG a few weeks ago, with a plan for the PAX to conquer the CrossFit workout “The Murph”.  Well the next day at WDOG Toga crushed us with “The Murph”.  So, rather than duplicate, I brought the Tractor Tire for the beatdown this morning.  The PAX members that recognize my trailer knew what was in store as they arrived and walked up saying, “Circle K has the trailer,  the tractor tire has be on the grounds somewhere.”  Everybody attacked the beatdown with vigor this morning as YHC wanted to get right down to business with a short COP warmup.  As we were bunny hopping up the steps, TYA says “Alright Circle K, where is the tire?”  Not to disappoint, we were soon re-acquainted with the workout tool and several of the PAX mentioned, (including YHC), did not remember how heavy that damn thing is when you carry it 100 yards and back.  YHC thinks that after the tire carry, the PAX was mad at the tire as each PAX member flipped the tire the 30 yards at a pace that was blistering.  A little more mumble chatter was heard during the 11s.  YHC wanted to incorporate a lot of interval training into today’s beatdown with the BRR right around the corner.  Mission accomplished as the PAX did a lot of running in a relative small space that consisted of about half of the Carillon field.  NOTE:The last sprint back across the field almost did YHC in for the day.

SPECIAL NOTE:  As YHC drove back to the front of the Carillon to retrieve the tire, the entire group of Pay-to-Workout Group was at that end of the field.  YHC waded through the sea of blue shirts to roll the tire back to the trailer.  It was great knowing the F3 RVA PAX had already completed a better workout at a much better price, with a great group of guys.

Great work today gents and thanks for letting me lead.

Circle K



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  1. Way to work this morning gentlemen. Thanks for indulging the Tractor Tire workout.

    Circle K

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I freaken love it Circle K – I knew I should have gone back with you to help load up the tire – that is awesome I hope as you waded thru that sea of blue shirts you reached down and raised that damn tractor tire over your head and ran with that sucker back to your car yelling – F3RVA baby !
    Great Q buddy – see ya this afternoon…

  3. Strong Q Circle K. Lots of activity and movement but the PAX stayed together. Nice work. I’m feeling it for sure.

    Note to the PAX – Bleeder carries that darn tractor tire like he bear crawls. I had to sprint to keep up and not get dragged behind.

    Way to work fellas.

  4. Question of the day is: with all you meatheads present, what’s up with the virtual shovel flag?!?