Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Maximus makes it over to Batteau


8 strong (and about to get stronger) posted for a fun filled episode of Batteau.  Little did they know that Maximus would make an appearance.

Mosey to steps to acquire rocks then mosey down the steps to the road and the gazebo by the lake.

COP:  mtn climbers, Don Quixote, merkins, Russian soldiers, staggered merkins rt and lt

Lift rocks above head and mosey to nearest lamp post.  20x chest press, 30x flutter kicks, repeato x3

Rocks above head and mosey down the road to some random tree.  16x curls, 20x full extensions, repeato x3

Rocks above head and mosey back to the lamp post.  20x shoulder press, 30x Slow Freddy, repeato x3

Rocks up and back to tree.  10x weighted sit-ups, 10x supine overhead extensions, repeato x3

Carry rock back up steps to first landing for 10x tricep extensions, 10x squats, repeato x3

Deposit rocks for the next time and mosey back to flag.  Several minutes of Mary then Flashdance took us home.

NMM:  Well that was nothing like what was going through Toga’s brain on the way to the AO.  Hardywood put down such a memorable/scarring beatdown at the inaugural Batteau that YHC wanted to give some of it another shot.  Unfortunately, YHC represented the only member of the PAX to bring a headlight.  NOTE:  It’s time again to start packing a light to the wooded AOs (Batteau, DogPile, maybe NoToll?).  You never know what will come out and grab you.., alright, it’s usually Lab Rat getting handsy, but maybe the lights will keep him off?  The PAX probably had an easier go with the beach muscle workout than the rock hiking adventure originally planned, but everyone got a peak at what a Circus Maximus workout looks like.  Hopefully we’ll see some converts real soon.

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