Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Aniversario Repeato


Three PAX posted for a beatdown in the still-humid gloom.


COP: imperial walkers x25, SSH x25, Moroccan dance party x10, arm circles front/back small/big x15, prisoner squats x25, plank dips x10

Mosey to the pavilion for a “Whole Lotta Rosie:” mountain climbers (two count) x30, LBCs x42, mountain climbers x30, American hammers (two count) x39, mountain climbers x30, flutter kicks (single count) x56.

Bear crawl to the shed, jog to Hermitage Road back to the entrance, zombie walk back to the pavilion for “Mucho Chesto:” merkins x10, werkins x10, clerkins x10, staggered merkins x10 each side, dead cockroach until PAX finishes.  Repeato.

Bear crawl to the shed, jog to Hermitage Road back to the entrance, zombie walk back to the pavilion for another round of Whole Lotta Rosie.

Bear crawl, jog, zombie walk back to the pavilion again for 40s with dips and WWI situps (35/5 to 5/35).  Mosey to the VSF for COT.


For his one-year anniversary Q, YHC decided to repeat the beatdown that Chum delivered at his inaugural posting.  Glad to have Pat Down out again, visiting with us from Charlotte for a few weeks.  Singer battled through back pain to post and complete exercises – strong work, and YHC hopes you get some relief soon.

The PAX decided last time that the Moroccan dance party was not really an exercise but something for little old ladies at a Moroccan dance party who can’t otherwise move, but it was included to honor the memory.

Other memories from the first posting:

  • After the Moroccan dance party, YHC thinking, “so far so good, just 42 minutes left – how bad can it be?”
  • Spending a lot of time doing poorly-formed dead cockroaches, despite not having finished the previous round of exercises – YHC was smoked early.
  • Bleeder, breathing heavily through a face full of sweat, saying, “you get to where … you can do … more and more of the workouts.”
  • A moment of panic in the COT when YHC realized that his car key had fallen out of his pocket (probably during the dead cockroaches).  Stranded at the first posting!  Seconds later, Best Shot held up the key, asking the PAX if it belonged to any of them.

Thanks for a great year.  Looking forward to many more anniversaries with F3.


  • RiverRun #2 tonight at 7:30pm
  • YHC is organizing an F3 team for a bike ride on September 24th benefiting the American Diabetes Association  MOffshore has been type I for 30+ years, and mother of Offshore has been type II for 10+ years.
  • Toga is recruiting participants for a Spartan Run on September 24th.
  • ReeseStrong 5k is September 17th.



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