Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



7 Pax members practiced questionable judgement, ignored the heat advisories, and showed up to get some miles in on the trails this morning.  It was hot.  This is what we did:

-North bank Trail to Belle Isle, around the west side.  Buttermilk trail back to the barn.  The Q’s gps watch clocked in at 7.25 miles, individual mileage may vary.


There was some dissension in the ranks this morning as the Q mentioned the planned shorter distance due to the heat…YHC is all about hard core, but this morning was not one to mess with Mother Nature.  The goal was to get in a good run and get the hell out of there.  Planned run should have been shorter to be honest.  Hopefully next week will be more conducive to higher mileage.  BRR has firmly grabbed hold of this group!

Saab had places to be afterwards, so he and Conspiracy took off to clear the spider webs out for us.  Turns out there was no need, seeing that the trail was absolutely packed with early risers trying to beat the heat….more people that I can remember seeing on the trails on an early morning.  The rest of the pax stuck together in no rush, taking turns circling back.

Rosie lived up to his namesake, bright and chipper all morning.  Great to have you out, YHC hopes this morning’s run was tick free for you!

Blue Balls continues to post to Sunday trails, and is now considered by YHC to be a regular member of the pax here now.  Great to have you around, BB!

Aisle 5 had a hard time finding his groove this morning, and actually had to let a little steam out of the radiator afterwards, but there is no quit in this man.  AYE!  Aisle 5 has really shown YHC what hard work means, and YHC is proud to get to run with him every week.

Saab still abides as well, even with his ridiculous schedule.  YHC thinks that his “fallback week” is BRR.

There was a definite hole in the pax this morning without TYA.  Hope you are feeling better, buddy!

2nd F at ET’s for Aisle 5 and Lab Rat, where topics covered were:  Family, gluten, beer, and our mutual admiration of all things Wilson.


  • Offshore is organizing an F3 team for a Family Fun bike ride (10 or 20 mi) benefitting the American Diabetes Association: on September 24th.  Registration is $20.  YHC pledges to satisfy the fundraising requirements for all F3 Richmond members, Ms, and 2.0s, though additional fundraising is most welcome.  With the release of the Panama papers, its time to empty some Offshore accounts
  • F3 team for Reesestrong is here:

Lab Rat out.



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  1. Regret not being able to run with you all but I was pleased to have caught up with you when I came off the trail.

    I was quite relieved to see you rejuvenate Aisle 5. I am continually impressed with your dedication and how well you have trained for the BRR…Counting the days guys (i.e. whatever number TYA quotes you…plus 7)

  2. Lab Rat nice audible Sunday. 11 would have been too much. Thank you and Saab for hanging around until I could put my feet back under me. Great 2nd F. It is nice to get to know you. Im looking forward to Wednesday’s run and for a taste of your Home brew.

  3. No worries. Always a pleasure to get some time in at ET’s. Most times, it is pretty crazy, with several conversations going on at once. Yesterday was the opposite, just 1 on 1 with a great dude.