Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I don’t even think that’s a Farmer’s Carry


5 strong gathered for a KB beatdown in the thick humidity. It went something like this.


COP: 20 SSH, 20 DQs, 20 Hand Release Merkins, 20 Box Cutters, KB Roundabouts OYO – 10 each side, KB Figure 8’s IC – 10 each side

Use the bus loop like a field. 3 stations on each side of loop. Farmer’s Carry in between stations.
Dealer’s choice exercises
1) KB Swing – YHC
2) Burpee – Jville
3) KB Lawnmower Pulls – 6 each side – Chum Bucket
Plank-o-rama break
4) KB Situp – Toga
5) KB Tricep Curl – Atilla
6) KB Goblet Squat – YHC

2 min Parade of Elephants: sitting backs to each other, 2 KB Presses, pass KB to right

10 KB Bridge Press OYO


Atilla took us out.

Naked Moleskin

We’ve been doing Waiter’s Carries…not Farmer’s Carries…but no matter, they are difficult…and time consuming. It took almost the entire workout to complete a KB Beast. It was a workout built for Earthworm, but he was a no-show. JVille suggested that maybe he feared the Conveyor Belt. YHC isn’t sure which is more difficult: Conveyor Belt or KB Beast. Either way, well done PAX!

We worked together as a group for the most part, and there was ample mumblechatter en route. Topics included Orange Fitness Theory and CLT’s Nancy Drew’s focus on heart rate targeting. We concluded we prefer bootcamps over restrictor plates.

Thoughts and prayers for Toga’s father and family.

There’s interest in a re-print of F3 RVA’s Keep Calm & Mosey On shirts. We should be able to make preorders soon. Contact Döner Kebab if you’re interested.

4 weeks until BRR. We still need 1 driver and 1 runner.

Grid Iron will include 2.0’s this Saturday. Bring your kids out. My son, CDubs, loves it.

Enjoy the humidity.


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  1. I had no idea a KB Beast would take so long. I had 2 more things in the bag, neither of which was a Conveyor Belt

  2. So much fun with bells! After questioning JVille’s sanity and inherit right to call for burpees during a kettle bell day, I’m glad we did it since it didn’t actually involve the kb’s during those reps. Thanks for the Q, and thanks to Atilla for the prayers in the COT.