Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

9 rounds of Triple check + 125 SSHs = Good Times


What a great showing today, TYA clowned this morning with 3 young FNGs and Marv head locked his pastor out for Mary. We had 16 regular hard cores, 4 FNGs and one out of town from area 51, PatDown.

The Thang:

Today’s theme was living in the moment; I was not sure how many sets of triple check or SSHs we were going to do.  But I knew we had to beat the Carpenters 100 SSHs so we landed on 125, thanks for all who helped us get to 125 I can’t count that high.

4 rounds of triple check with (run-merkins- deep squats)

2 rounds of triple check with (run-flutter kicks- burpee)

3 rounds of triple check with (run- abs- bear crawl)

Than we single legged squatted and sided hopped on the 4 corner tack.

Ran back to the flag to finish 25 SSHs to take the Gold medal

Thanks again men for letting me lead today!!!  And thanks to Marv for the prayer its always great to be inspired before the day starts.  I am also grateful for you all and this group its been life changing.  Before I started last year my prayer that I said over and over was ” I want to meet healthy like minded men that wanted to push themselves and grow” so be careful what you ask for God will answer your call!!!

Flashdance over and out!!!


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  1. Nice Q Flashdance. Way to keep us guessing (and jumping)

    Welcome to Swaggart (a la Jimmy…) and Batman, Yodeler and Taps.

    Great work fellas.

  2. Great Q Flashdance! This was another painful one. You hit the nail on the head, this is a pretty solid group men and I’m certainly better for it. Have a great day fellas!

  3. FYI my feet and legs are toast, thanks for all the SSHs, sounds good on paper but my body is telling me what the hell are you doing!!!!