Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It doesn’t feel like 5:30


Six strong started their week off right at Punisher. There was more activity around the school than normal but we made our way around in the gloom:

COP: 25 SSH, 15 DQs, 12 merkins, 17 Flutterkicks, 18 Imperial Walkers. Mosey to side of the school and pair up.

Partner 1 balls 2 wall, partner 2 run across street, dropping before, at median, and other side to do 10 Merkins. Switch. Next round wall sit and 10 Jump Squats. 3rd round – Donkey Kicks, 5 Burpees.

Mosey to benches. 20 Dips, 10 Box Jumps, repeato. Then up reps to 30 Dips, 15 box jumps. Last round 40 dips, 20 box jumps.

Then partner up again for PLTs. 4 sets of 20 each partner. Mosey to Basketball court.

Suicides round 1. Round 2 add 6 burpees each stop.  Mosey to front of school,grab a piece of wall again.

15 Donkey Kicks, 15 Derkins, then bear crawl 20 yards, jog back. Repeato x3. Mosey back to flag, 30 Freddy Mercurys to finish. Upchuck took us out.

NMS- All the PAX seemed to notice theRe was more traffic on the roads coming in to Punisher. As well more people out walking and biking led us to wonder was it really 5:30 am? Wonder if Batteau and River Run felt the same phenomenon.

YHC served up a lot of non-knee friendly exercises but Bleeder persists as always. Upchuck hung in the whole beatdown where he has struggled during YHC’s last 2 Qs. He is definitely getting stronger, aye!

Mumblechatter was the norm – Donkey Kicks suck. Upchuck was confused during the Balls 2 wall, as to whether that required pulling down his shorts. Luckily the PAX informed him on the preferred method of the exercise.

After the BOM Offshore told us about his most recent travels, this time to Chicago. Apparently Lollapalooza was there at the same time and he was surprised at the age of the crowds, they were young kids not middle agers. Guess this shows the enduring impact of the early 90s music scene and specifically how Grunge influences kid’s even to this day with music that spans generations. We should find a way to honor this as a PAX somehow..

Day 1 of 3 Qs in a row for YHC. Pleasure to lead this strong group today.


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