Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Seven Eleven


9 stalwarts and one FNG posted on a beautiful Sunday morning. Weather was awesome except the 85% humidity. In August in Richmond, you take what you get.

The Thang:

Southside to Forest Hill, Forest Hill counterclockwise, back to the Southside and back to the shovel Flag for 7+ miles. Aisle 5 did the loop then did the Northbank trail for 11+ Saab got an early start, did 2 loops, but somehow did not run into any of the PAX on his way around.


Great to have Lab Rat and Offshore back out there with the PAX. Offshore has been on several trips this summer and has missed a few runs in a row. Lab Rat was on vacation last week at Holden beach and missed the Sunday run. Despite gaining 5 pounds on vacation and advice to wear a shirt he went shirtless. The extra weight and time off did not seem to affect his speed. He had a good run.

Great to have Genny Light (FNG John) out there this week. He ran by us last week and someone invited him to join us this week. He took us up on our offer and ran with BB and Lab Rat today. Somehow the three of them got lost on the buttermilk trail before Reedy Creek, not sure how that is possible, but leave the directions to Lab Rat and see what happens. Lots of controversy on his name. He was renamed at Ellwoods and YHC is now happy with his name. I was a little bit nervous that Lab Rat and Wilson were going to one to blows over his naming, but cooler heads prevailed.

Aisle 5 opted of the longer route today. He is going to be our of town the next couple of weeks and took the opportunity today to get a long run in.

Fudd and Hardwood were out front the whole run today. The were moving right along.

32 days to the BRR. Cant wait.


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  1. Great to be back out. I gave Wilson a bunch of grief today, but hopefully the sweaty man-hug will overcome all the talk…love you, man!

    Respect to Aisle5 and Saab!

    Welcome to Pickle Barrel, or whatever Wilson picked!

  2. It’s great to be back with the PAX after missing 7 weeks. Aisle 5, TYA, and Wilson have found new faster gears. Thanks to Saab for getting out early and clearing the spider webs out.

  3. I am glad I woke up and got out on the trails. It’s always good to have Offshore on your tail pushing me! Thanks bro! Lab Rat – mad respect on beer making, but the naming of FNG’s needs some work. Enjoyed the sweaty hug! Welcome FNG Jon (Genny Light) – if today did not scare him off, he should be a regular! FEBA

  4. Much respect to you all for pounding out the distance. I was disappointed we did not cross paths today…my clockwise/counterclockwise approach was duped by your chosen route. As TYA has said before, running alone sucks. (Note: I would not have said that before being introduced to F3…thanks guys)

    Yes spiderwebs did suck.

  5. I’m honored to be a new part of this group. Thanks for the out pouring support received thus far. I look forward to making as many workouts as possible. Made a bootcamp @ Batteau this morning and working on building a Chester-ite population for the south of the river dwellers.

  6. Genny Light (Pickle Barrel),

    I am happy to see you post up, both on the boards and to Batteau! Glad to see Wilson and I didnt scare you away with our bickering. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

  7. Saab – we are really going to have to work on Lab Rat and his ability to name FNG’s. While his name was accurate in history…………it was just bad. @Labrat #letitgo

  8. It is killing me not to write a 5 paragraph explanation….especially after the #letitgo. I won’t, just know that I want to.