Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

RVA Show n Grow


22 hard-chargers sallied forth to take a stiff shot of Dogpile with a #growSchool chaser.  Humidity met stupidity as we undertook this THANG:

Front leaning rest for muster, instruction and inspection.  All hands were accounted for, so we shoved off and were underway/making way.

Mosey, Karioca run, side shuffle over to the 240′ Carillon Tower where we took station on the brick courtyard for CoP.

30 x ssh

10 x windmill

15 x IST

15 x toy soldiers

1 min invisible jump rope

John “IHOP” Powers IHOP’s x2 rounds

All hands muster on the Great Lawn for “The Michigan”

Re-convene on the bricks for a little stretchy-stretch

Partner up for partner wheelbarrows up the grand staircase x2 for each pax

Adjourn to the pull-up forest

20 x squats

“50 in 5”  (crowd pleaser)

Slowsey to a steep hill for Quatro minutes of Quadraphilia

Mosey back to launch for people’s choice Mary which included (at a minimum)… low flutter, Alabama Prom Queen, Low Dolly, etc etc

And oh by the way, we also did 300 good-form ‘mericans.  (crowd pleaser)

Ye Olde Moleskin:

  1.  RVA pax are fierce and ruthless.  When YHC called for a little stretchy-stretch they told me to take that weak-a$$ action back to Isotope and I think they might have even called me a sister wife. Strong.  YHC likes that spirit.  Someone even “coo’d” when I called for pigeon… never fails, there’s always a coo’er in the pax.
  2. Circle K got a “94” on something and tried to tell us it was not a big deal.  Listen here Circle K, if YHC ever got a 94 on something I’d be walking around like Nature Boy Ric Flair.  Own it!  BZ as we say in the Navy.
  3. It sounds like Honey Do is actually Honey Did when it comes to shedding some extra lbs.  Good job sir… now go pick up some milk on your way home.
  4. Was that Wilson threatening violence agains YHC’s timepiece?  Remember to aim your violence at the watch sir… I’m just the messenger.  #pavlov
  5. Yankee Aggressor strong war daddy.  Aye.
  6. Congrats to Fudd for his new gig.  Don’t embarras us.
  7. Apparently bad Toga is back to the delight of the pax.  Apparently good Toga was insufferable.

Growschool moleskin:

  1.  Awesome – and wide-ranging – discussion.  Notes:  Do you have your EH elevator speech ready? M’s can have a positive EH effect.  Church groups are good places to reach men.  Explain F3’s larger purpose.  Addition by division.  Man-to-man is best EH.  When to add or kill a workout/AO.  Develop a leadership structure that’s appropriate but doesn’t become burdensome. Etc etc.   Great discussion all the way around.  Lots of energy about an RVA homegrown csaup event and a possible rookie day in the near-future.  BZ.


  1. Summary:  YHC has driven 95 through RVA hundreds of times but never had the guts to stop.  Toga took me on a tour.  My assessment?  Rockin’ cool city and rock-solid pax!  So this weekend I was able to:  get some hours in the swagger wagon listening to 80’s rock, classic country, and the Click and Clack Brothers… enjoy a tasty beverage at an RVA hip brewery…. dispense a noteworthy beatdown to a bunch of hard-chargers… obtain a sweet RVA F3 jersey…and finally spend time discussing F3 with men determined to be High Impact Men and to help others be the same.  That’s a weekend I can hang my hat on.  Aye.

Thanks for having me up.  RVA rocks!

Goat sends.



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  1. Honey Do RVA on

    Thanks for making the trip GG, great beatdown and grow school. You are welcome back anytime, just not your watch, aye!

  2. First, I love the merkin timer and will be busting that out very soon. If none of this PAX is there I may even claim it was my idea.
    Second, thanks for the Q, some new motivation and some ideas that I think will soon be implemented in RVA.
    Lastly, I took care of the sandwich you left in the fridge. Thanks for making your way up 95 and giving us some pointers.

  3. I was sorry to miss this until I read 300 merkins, then I was o.k. with it. Can’t wait to hear the cliff notes on the grow school. Also, glad to hear the mumblechatter was taken care of in my absence. Aye!

    Yeah, New Toga was bo-ring.

    Circle K had a piss test last week, was that the 94?

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    GG, thanks for making the trip down, solid beatdown and you led a meaningful discussion.

    It will take me weeks and several hundred spreadsheet iterations to figure out when you call cadence with 1 versus yip? That might also set me back with my mental health.

    See you at BRR, always welcome back in rva

  5. Yes Yankee Aggressor, there’s 1, yip, yep, erp, yorch, hep, and possibly even eow I use in my cadences. It’s like scat… you just gotta go with the flow.

  6. Well done GG! I will be sure to be swift and not gentle to that damn watch. lol Tough workout!