Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Copy Cat


4 strong mosey into the gloom on a dark Wednesday morning.

20 x SSH
15 x Abe Vigoda
20 x LBC
20 x Crab Cakes
15 x Imperial Walkers
15 x Hillbillies w/ Jville hops

mosey to the bleachers in center of the track

200M 30 x Box Jumps
200M 30 x Muscle Ups
200M 30 x Dips
200M 15 x Burpees
200M 30 x Derkins
200M 30 x Merkins
200M 30 x Box Jumps
200M 30 x Monkey Humpers

mosey to path in front of tennis courts

10 Minutes of Mary – Dealers Choice
LBC, flutter kicks, scissor kicks, cross leg lifts x2, dollies, ww2, Alabama prom dates, box cutters



YHC was still hurting from the beatdown Toga brought to NoToll, so why not rinse and repeat? Well not exactly the same but very close.

Gumbo was back fresh off of a multi-week vacation posted in his typically strong fashion. He and DK effortlessly dominated the run. DK on the other hand had posted at NoToll and had the misfortune of the Copy Cat rinse & repeat. While YHC felt the workout would never end, DK wondered aloud why it felt so short?

Bobber continues to excel and is clearly ready for his VQ. It should be any week now.



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  1. Nice work Lug Nut. I enjoyed meeting Wendy in her modified form. The track and bleachers at SOT provide a great AO for Wendy to make regular appearances there…