Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Grandmother Run


9 fleet footed warriors posted for a Tuesday Spider run. Weather was 70 and sunny.

The Thang:

Down the hill to the path that follows CCV. Follow the path until the end and head across the Huguenot bridge. Take Riverside drive west until it hits Cherokee. Turn back around and head back to the shovel flag following the same route.


This was the second time YHC did this route. The first time I got terribly lost coming back. Today, I carefully watched the first several turns to make sure I knew the route, fortunately, I got it right this time. Pucker was the only one that had a little difficulty with the assigned route. When he hit Cherokee, he thought we were supposed to run down Cherokee and back along Huguenot road. Fortunately, Seymour rescued Pucker and they came back following the right route. Upon reflection of Pucker’s misinterpretation of the route, I got more confused. He must have been really baffled when he saw the faster PAX doubling back after hitting the top of the hill at Cherokee?

All the PAX had a interesting interaction with one of the bikers out for an early morning ride. The biker felt compelled to tell each and every one of us that a black outfit in the AM was not appropriate. From what I heard, we all let him know that we appreciated the advice and feedback and moved on to our days.

Great to see Sippy back out at the run this morning. He tweaked this knee two fridays ago on RAMM. He was nursing it a little today, but looked strong as usual. YHC and several other PAX learned that Sippy nursing an injury is better than us at our full strength.

Welcome to Zima. He posted today for the first time to F3 on advice from his brother in Raleigh. I’m not sure he knew today was a run, but he easily went along with the group. Zima is a cofounder of Hardywood brewery, so Marv quickly chimed in with three suggested names: Schlitz, Zima, and Bartles and James. He asked for his advice/preference and Zima was born. After the workout, I asked Zima for his email address/etc. He gave me one of his business cards. As a result, I learned a new word. Lima is a certified Cicerone. I honestly had no idea there was such a thing as a Cicerone, never mind that one could be certified in it. The good news is that F3 RVA now has a certified Cicerone in its ranks. Lab Rat, you will have to bring some of your home brew for the Cicerone to sample.


Convergence on Saturday at 7am at Dogpile, Coffeetaria at Ellwoods post workout.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Enjoyed the run this morning. I think this is one of the most scenic runs we do in RVA

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Sad to miss this one. That’s my home turf. Intended to be there but headed to NoToll after some extra morning prep after yesterday’s Potbelly sub with extra-extra hot peppers.

  3. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great BB and Great Route TYA ! Welcome Zima – love that Bourbon cru man….. We have a Hardywood in the pax named for the 4miler we participated in a couple years back ….
    I’ll be in bean town @ a conference for the next couple days so don;t be shocked if you don’t see big blue when you pull up in the gloom – should be back in action on Fri…
    Rock on!

  4. Great route…nice to have some daylight this time. Not only was it great to run along the river in the early am (arrogant biker not withstanding), but I was feeling a bit like a grandmother today…given my ailments. (I looked up Cicerone…not the definition I was expecting…but I look forward to getting more background from Zima.)

  5. Great to have a cicerone on staff, I’m tired of you guys blowing smoke about my beers! Just kidding, but I do know what a Cicerone is.

    PS, my fav Hardwood is the ESB.

    Welcome Zima! Great name, Marv!