Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fourth planet from the Sun


PAX of 1 for this morning’s offering of The Punisher.  No matter, it went down like this:

Mosey to the sideyard for Seal Jacks x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Four Count Leg Kicks x 10 each side, Arm Lifts x 20

Jog around front for, along the width of the school gym, High Knees down and back x 2, Butt Kickers down and back x 2, Half sprint down and back x 2.  Down and Bear Crawl down, Crab Walk back, Bunny Hop down, and Duck Walk back.

Head to the bus loop for Curb Crawl variant. Bear Crawl across for 1 Incline Merkin, flip, and 1 Decline Merkin.  Back across for 2 of each and continue until 5 of each completed.

Jog around the bus loop around the back of the school for Jenny – 86 Alabama Prom Dates, 75 Merkins, 30 Step Behinds, and 9 Burpees followed by a quick loop around the trees and back.  Another round with 86 Leg Circles (like Box Cutters but circles), 75 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 Four Count Squats, and 9 Burpees.

Stroll to the outdoor pavilion for Lindsays – 30 Dips and 10 Two Count Flutter Kicks then 25 and 15 and adjusting by 5 until 10 and 30 are done.

Mosey around western perimeter of AO and back to the ShovelFlag.


What is the singular for PAX?

Spoiler Alert-

Some comparisons with The Martian – the novel and movie (collectively, the “story”).

An astronaut is left for dead on Mars when a mission is cut short by a storm.  The astronaut awakes to find his mission mates have left him behind and he needs to improvise to survive.

OK, the only parallel is YHC was solo this morning.  The Punisher AO, in fact, offers the following advantages over Mars:  1) Oxygen – while scarce on Mars is plentiful at Linwood Holton Elementary; 2) Water – the “mission” this morning wasn’t long enough to require water, but last night’s rain left it all over the ground – again plentiful; and, 3) Proximity – the AO is about 20 minutes from anywhere in Richmond while a manned-mission to Mars takes years to arrive.

After some discussions with several F3 brothers, we’ll keep The Punisher at 5:30 AM on Monday mornings with the expectation that the workout numbers will grow again in the Fall once vacations end.



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