Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Art Monk with a mix of Beaver Jams…


11 strong including 1 FNG showed up for a tour-de-Mary Munford today. Here’s what transpired…

COP: SSH, Arm Circles, LBC’s, Burpees (5)
Curb Crawls: Descending from 7. Crawl out, crab walk back.
Lazy Dora’s: 100 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks, 300 Squats. Partner performs 10, 20, 25 while other is in hold position (plank, 6-inches, squat)
Triple Check: B-to-Wall, crab-crawl to court and begin merkins. Runner runs out backward, does 2 burpees, then returns running forward
Traverse field (out and back) performing exercise at each 25 yard increment. Selection was WWII’s (increment by 3….i.e. 3, 6, 9, etc. Finish at goal line with 24)
Circle of fire: Dealers choice (burpee, merkin, drop and roll). No consecutive choices.

Naked Moleskin:
Oh where to begin. DK brought an FNG (Hyena) who appeared to know a number of other PAX due to past working relationships. YHC appreciated his good humor and take-it-in-stride attitude as we cycled-through the curb crawls (at times laying down and laughing on the pavement). On the way to the field a number of the PAX nearly ran into the tomatoes. Not a bad situation to be-in by the way. Kevin Bacon equated the near collision as something akin to a “beaver traffic jam”. (Disclaimer here…he said this was the name of a friend’s band…the name of which was thought-up by the friend’s grandmother…so that of course makes the whole reference strictly innocent and wholesome). After that, there was a fair amount of good chatter during the lazy-doras as it kept everyone in one place. It was then DK announced M had gotten him a cat for his birthday. The cat’s name by the way is Art Monk (presumably anointed given his fine tenure with the Jets and Eagles). YHC has two questions: Does Art Monk know about this and is he ok with it? Does the cat know about this, and could he really be a Dallas fan?

Anyway, YHC personally liked the mix on triple check but others may differ. Appreciated DK helping me navigate participation in a triple-check of just 2 people – something I had never experienced. During the ring of fire it was aptly pointed out that there was little difference between the merkin and the burpee. YHC won’t choose that again.

Many thanks were extended to DK for hosting the run and social yesterday…Clearly, much thought planning went into it (including maps – which some regretted not using…er TYA)

7 weeks until the BRR – just ask TYA. (I didn’t have the heart to tell him I thought it was 8 weeks.)

I had fun guys. See you in the gloom.

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  1. Strong work today guys. My aching knee actually felt better afterward. Great mix of laughter and discomfort. Thanks for putting up with my mix today. I hope it wasn’t too light.

    Saab out.

  2. Döner Kebab on

    Great showing Hyena!
    Good Q Saab.

    Art Monk’s reaction to his first introduction to our dog:

  3. Great Q Saab and thanks for the disclaimer. Not exactly sure why that band name came back to me today, but it definitely did right after the close encounter during the transition.

    Welcome Hyena. Way to work guys.

  4. Good work Saab,that was a sweatfest! Welcome Hyena, hope to see you again soon. Has anyone noticed TYA’s SSH’s? Wow!

  5. Saab – great workout. I am feeling it for sure. Welcome Heyna! Maybe we can team up and EH Schuma!

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    As always – good Q Saab.. Welcome Hyena ! Art Monk Redskin ring of fire baby ! Man I was wet – did we swim this morning?
    Way to work today guys – see y’all in the gloom…

  7. Hilarious picture DK. I presume similar to the real Art Monk’s reaction to a Steelers safety