Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Third Place in the Tomato Festival


14 Sleek showed up for BRR training this morning….or Friday runs…you can pick which sounds better.

Route today is the instant classic Carillon route:  5-6 milers head down Grove to Boulevard, hang a right and make their way up the steps, around the back of the carillon, then head back out.  Hang a left on Douglasdale across 195, then right on Portland.  5 milers, dealer’s choice back to the shovelflag, 6 milers, head up to Patterson before making it back to Mary.  4 milers head down Grove, left on Blvd to Monument, back to the shovelflag on Commonwealth.


So, YHC has been wanting to do this route since Lockjaw first introduced it but was absent the two times it was done.  Not one to shy away from grabbing a Q, YHC decided to take matters into his own hands and call the route himself.  Problem was, he didnt quite prepare well enough to pass along said route to the rest of the pax.  Disgusted, TYA bolts mid direction, and the pax in a moment of pure brilliance stopped listening to babbling Lab Rat and took off after TYA.  There were enough veterans of the route to get everybody out and back again with no issues.

No Tools and Bleeder took a route of their own devices, and looped around at about the 2/3 mark to offer morale support.  YHC was happy to see that Bleeder was able to keep the rubber side down on the route after the shaky showing pulling in to the AO.  Centrifugal force is awesome!

YHC was happy to be able to catch up with DK, being that he was his first F3 “buddy”, but we have been posting to different AO’s lately.  Great running with you!

YHC is also proud of TYA, as he got his plaque for coming in third in his her age group during our half marathon trail run last month.  Yes, that is correct:  Only 2 women aged 50-59 ran the half marathon faster than our very own TYA!  He was so excited he brought his plaque to show off!  Unfortunately, YHC lost the only photo evidence of the feat when his phone ended up M.I.A. that morning on the way back to Ratskeller.  Sorry about that.

While Lab Rat is busy apologizing, let him also say sorry this BB is so late.  Between the missing phone and traveling out of town for the weekend, he just couldnt get it done.  Se la vie.


Great work all, YHC hopes everyone had a steller weekend.


Lab Rat out.


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  1. Love it TYA pulled a Wilson. Getting a head start. But he identified need it. I do! See you all soon.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    This run was so long ago I forgot what the hell we did:)Oh yeah I remember right before we began TYA and I were talking as Bleeder pulled up beside us on his bike and then gently barrel rolled to his right side and was squirming on the ground with his bike on top of him – it was almost like he meant to do that cause he popped right back up ready to roll 🙂 atta baby Bleeder..
    Good Q/BB Labrat …