Thursday, December 8
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Like a Q Virgin for the very first time


4 Circus Maximus regular Kettlebell(ers) gathered for a great start to a muggy hummid of a day

Welcome back Doner Kebab

COP: SSH, Don Quixote’s


No Mosey around Circus Maximus this morning – just down to “THE” Kettle business!

30 Halo’s (R&L)

20 Good Mornings

30-45 seconds of Side Winders

30 seconds of “around the world” ( C & CC)

30 seconds of “Figure 8’s” ( C & CC)

20 Side Bends Elbow on a 45  (R&L)

20 Triceps Curls

30 High Pulls

30 Squat to High Pull

10 Windmills (R&L)

20 Squats

20 Single Arm Overhead Squats (R&L)

30 Swings “Russian Style”

30 Swings “American Style”

25 single arm swings (R&L)

10 Bottoms Up Swings Clean to Stop (R&L)

20 Saws (R&L)

20 Rows (R&L)

10 Kettlebell pushups / Partner did 10 Merkins   X2


Moleskin:  I’m always concerned with making sure Earthworm has gotten his $$$ worth. DK looked like he might need another vacation. Atilla was most concerned about his left side peck workout. Only gave the PAX 60 seconds of downtime. Earthworm took 10 more on his count.

Could have finished my entire workout plan but needed another 15 minutes.  Only a virgin once.

Great workout – “no pain – no gain”




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  1. Another vacation is always welcome, but a 60 minute recovery pre-work nap was mandatory after this morning’s workout. Four remarkably tight groupings of sweat circles (#DeadPools per Attila) were left on the CM pavement – well done.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Man, I do not know any of these exercises. Need to get back out to CM. Looks like a good beatdown White Deer.

  3. Döner Kebab on

    Great Q, White Deer. Similar to Toga’s KB Fest where we didn’t move position the entire workout but more difficult in my opinion. Hot hot heat.

  4. Nice Q White Deer. Sounds brutal. I’m heading out for vacation next week, but I will get back out to CM in August for sure.

  5. Great beatdown WD, needed after a 1.5 vacation in the outer Banks with the family…great job guys