Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Co Q-in


Big thanks for Pucker stepping up  and taking the second half of the Q.  Also I am glad to see Lab Rat wearing shoes.  15 Hardcore regulars and 1 FNG showed for a co-Q morning.   I have traveled to other groups and our strength of our group is everyone stepping up and leading in some way this is special for I do not see this level of leadership in other groups.

My Thang

50ish SSH I am not sure where we stopped

10 Merkins

20 Flutter kicks 2 count

4 corner 4 rounds of running one lap than 10 hanging knees to chest, 5 under/over hand pull ups, 25 dips 25 flutter kicks 2 count.  Ran back to the circle to turn the Q over to Pucker.

Pucker Thang

4 rounds of triple check, Run-Plank-sit against the wall

Indian Run two lines back to the flag

5 minutes of Mary with Ring of Fire: Merkins – Flutter kicks – American hammers

Thanks to LabRat for taking us out with a heart felt Prayer.   Thanks to Hardywood for bringing FNG – Lemon!!! Welcome Lemon to the F3 brotherhood

Its always a honor to lead so thanks again my F3 Brothers!!!  I will be the the River for the weekend so I will miss Hardywood’s Q at dogpile, bring the beat down for the men on sat Hardywood!!!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Good workout this morning fella’s – thanks Flashdance and Pucker for leading us….
    See y’all in the gloom !

  2. Great Q Flashdance and Pucker. Thanks for taking the lead. Also great variety, even though I was fearful at first that we would be doing SSHs for 45 minutes straight. See y’all in the gloom.


  3. Great Q Flashdance. I like that your counting skills never fail to disappoint. They are consistently inaccurate and I appreciate that. Yes, be ready for Dogpile. I’m thinking it’s going to be mostly meditation and trust falls.

  4. Good work today. Ring of fire was a nice/nasty finish to the Q. As usual, enjoyed the company and chat with Lab Rat…the man’s ability to maintain continued conversation while not losing his count is impressive. Keep on keeping-on Lab Rat, you erase the gloom.

    (Took until my 4th round on the pull-up bars to realize why everyone but myself was facing south…toward the tomatoes. Well played Circle K.)

  5. Picked up the Q tomorrow so that the pax can ensure Dogpile AO is secure for Hardywood’s Yoga class on Saturday. Namaste, homie.