Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



5 runners and 1 rider set out for the weekly run.

The Thang:

Head up and around CCV ascending Fairway and Iris to Three Chopt.  Connect to Grove to Maple to Patterson to Westham Parkway, and meander through the neighborhoods back to the lake.  6 milers had an extension midway through by instead turning at Grove and detouring up to Monument before doubling back to Patterson.


YHC enjoyed the camaraderie of running with Swirly and Pucker.  Great way to keep motivated on the run.  Perfect day for a run as there were several other large running groups out on their own runs.

The seal pups provided opportunity for corporate review of style, form, and effectiveness.  The corporate seal of approval was not given.

Conversation shifted to the pokemon game phenomenon taking over this week.  Perhaps there is an opportunity for one of our future workouts to evolve from the game at some point.  Virtual geocaching….

Offshore described his trip to the UK – brexit and the differences between a pub and a restaurant with regards to tolerance for youth watching soccer.  The Pax caught Offshore up on what he missed in the RVA – several beatdown workouts and a rogue racoon.


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  1. Enjoyed the run with Offshore and getting the full rundown of his travels abroad. Learned the Brits are more stringent than us with regard to some of their ABC laws.
    Also convinced our COT was visited by a pinkachu (whatever the hell that is).

  2. Just finished up a run around Belle Isle at lunch. I was truly embarrassed to be a human by the sight of all those people staring down at their phones.