Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

#SOT Celebrates the 4th with Old Glory


What better way is there to celebrate the 4th of July than with Old Glory?

Three of the faithful gathered at #SOT on an unbelievably humid summer morning to experience Gloom at its gloomiest. Johnsonville (YHC) equipped a SF and lined the PAX up on the outside of the bus loop for an Old Glory tribute. This is what went down —

Make two loops around the school carrying Old Glory. The loop, as we ran it, is exactly 0.51 miles, so the warm up run was just over 1 mile long in all.

Commencing on the outside of the bus loop, do 20 merkins. Follow bus lane out to the front turn lane and run to north side of school. Inside the cross-hatched area by the double doors, do 20 jump squats. Continue counter-clockwise to parking lot behind school (in front of the new entrance). Do 10 burpees. Continue up slight grade counter-clockwise around school to area near basketball court. Do 20 WWII situps. Continue back to start.

Rinse and repeat as many times as possible until 6:03. Convene at starting place and repeat the 1 mile mosey with Old Glory.

COT (YHC with closing prayer).


Rosie had been watching Twitter and knew what was in store. LugNut had not be watching Twitter, and did not catch wind of what was to come. Otherwise, by his own admission, LugNut would have slept in.

Rosie completed 4 laps; YHC completed 3.5; and LugNut completed 3.0. Everyone shared the carrying of Old Glory.

To my knowledge, this is the first time Old Glory has been run at #SOT. #SOT presents some interesting twists for several reasons. First, each loop around the school is nearly 1/10 of a mile longer than the #NoToll loop. Second, there is an incline along the stretch following the burpee area. That incline, though slight, makes things difficult.

Everyone noted that they prefer having a bigger PAX for Old Glory because it pushes them faster and keeps them honest as to form. LugNut admitted that when he notices his form slide, he penalizes himself by doing extra LBCs after the WWII situps. Now that is integrity!

Great job, Men! Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning. Jville


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  1. Admittedly I was not looking forward to old glory and my mind took over and I slept through the alarm. Sounds like #SOT is a good place for Old Glory! Nice job!