Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Apparently Rats Like Merlot


This morning 12 brave and fearless men met at W Dog for a little hump day fun.

The Thang:

COP – Mosey over to circle and perform the following 20 SSH, 20 LBC, 20 Merkin

Cut The Air – Run up and down stairs of monument to complete 10 incline merkin, bear crawl to star, 20 (2 count) mountain climbers.  Complete 4 rounds

5/10/15 – Teams of two rip through 5 pull-ups, 10 dips, 15 WWII Sit Ups.  Complete 3 Rounds

Love Hill – Teams of two complete a long stretch of love hill.  While one is running to the top gate, the other completes the prescribed exercises making progress to the top of the hill.  Team members complete each exercise after their run is done then move on to the next exercise.  As follows – Broad jump burpees, lunges, Polar Bear (5 step bear crawl with a merkin thrown in every 5th step).

Swirly Homage – Start at the top of the amphitheater.  On each of the steps perform an incline merkin. Work in descending order.  On the 18th step, 18 merkins.  On the 17th step, 17 merkins. Etc.  All the way to the bottom.

Mosey back to flag and COT.

The air was thick and heavy my friends, thick and heavy.  YHC is pleased at the volume of work that got done in 45 minutes.  You all should be damn proud.  Toga laid down the hammer early and was out to send a message to the pax.  This crew dominated the pull up station.  5 has become the comfortable number and it is in the opinion of YHC that we will have to start increasing the volume very soon.  With 8 minutes to go we started Swirly Homage.  The pax was focused and purposeful.  Flipper is so good at the incline merkin, he will soon be releasing a how to video.

In a testament to the intensity level of today’s workout Shawshank spilled the merlot pre-COT.  There’s probably no better way to put it.  A triple hate VMI keydet pushed the limits, and the limits pushed back.

As men of a certain age we all have very full plates and obligations.  Often this leads to a very busy internal dialogue and heavy hearts.  That weight can some times seem unbearable.  But then you come out to a workout like this, with men like those who circle our flag.  You push through and hold on.  Not always you think you can, but out of respect to the others who are clearly putting out a max effort.

For YHC just about everything I learn in the gloom, I can apply in some other part of my life: Do the work, help others and when it gets really hard and normal men would quit, double down and push through. My gratitude runs deep.

Well done gentlemen.



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  1. It was a bit steamy out there this morning. Geat Q at the Swiss Army knife AO that is Dogpile, but where were the rocks?

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    Great beatdown Hardywood. Can’t wait to fibd out what Grizzly bear crawls entail.

  3. Another gut wrenching Hardywood Q. Nice work brother. And, great BB too. I couldn’t agree more. Seeing Shawshank spill some Merlot brought a smile to my face. Of course, I feel some responsibility as well since Shawshank was carrying a bowl of Gumbo around as his partner for the workout. I think he basically lifted me 5 times on my last pull-up rotation.

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Solid beatdown, Hardywood! Part merciless humidity, part merciless pain. Either way, it was about all I could give today. And you are right about pushing it out of respect for the others. Aye, aye, Shawshank! Keep bringing that intensity. Fitting that two threads about Papa Smurf were at the bottom of this feed when I logged in. Scroll to the bottom and read them if you have a second. They put a white hot spotlight on what Hardywood touches on and gives perspective to the power of the PAX in times of struggle and vulnerability. See you all in the gloom.