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Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Batteau Beatdown – July 4th Spectacular


16 brave and fearless men showed up for the July 4th Batteau Beatdown in Forest Hill Park.

The Pursuit of Happiness

  • Mosey down to Reedy Creek for COP:  20 SSH, 10 Burpee, 20 LBC, 20Merkin

Suck It King George

  • Pax to large pile of rocks.  Each man grabs a rock of considerable size.  Not heavy enough to throw like a football, not too heavy that you can’t lift it over your head.
  • Native American Run from Reedy Creek to Forest Hill Pond with each member of the pax carrying their rock.

Continental Congress

  • Teams of two complete the following – 50 burpees, 100 squats with rocks, 200 merkins, 300 two count American hammer, 400 side straddle hops.  While one person is ripping through the exercises, the other is running a hill circuit.  To make this a little more fun, the hill circuit was completed with rock in tow.

Move Over John Hancock

  • Run up the hill of despair.  Start with five burpees at the first light post, add five more at each succeeding light post finishing with 20 burpees at the final post.  Mosey back to the flag.

NMS – Let’s start with a huge shout to Kudzu for dominating today’s workout and to Fudd for raising a damn fine young man.  We could all be so lucky. Saab came off of another monster week of miles.  He is the gold standard in fortitude.  There was idle chatter amongst the pax during COP.  Once the stones of success were gathered, mum was the word.  The celebration libation provided by Lab Rat signaled the transition into the days festivities.

Make no doubt about it, this was a really hard workout.  YHC had been thinking of something like this since the day Swirly mentioned this could be a good place for an AO.  The motivation of YHC was two fold. 1) To do something unique and creative that would make for a great story. 2) To have it be just hard enough that doubt made a small appearance.  One of the most valuable things this pax does is learning how to respond when life gets uncomfortable and overwhelming.  This is a damn fine skill to learn and there may be no better place to forge it.

It is a great privilege and honor to lead this group today.  Thank you for the trust to put a big challenge before you.  An even bigger thanks for putting your best effort forward.  This is an amazing place to find one’s voice.

Big cheers to you all and happy 4th of July.  See you in the gloom.



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  1. “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country”. Well I’m pretty sure I gave it this morning. Doubt didn’t just make an appearance that bastard was riding my back up those stairs. The cool part is 6 months ago there would have been no doubts…..No doubts that I couldn’t do it. Hardywood thanks for bringing a physically and mentally challenging Q. Thanks Lab Rat for the fantastic home brew and for insulting my entire
    profession…hopefully you have no spinal problems
    in the future as the entire profession has been

  2. Yes, doubt did rear its head, but nobody quit or didn’t do their share. Strong work by all. That was a beast!

  3. The bar was raised if not broken today. Ongoing Respect Hardywood.

    Thanks to Lab Rat for the post-workout libation…dude knows how to party and how to brew.

    Enjoyed the post-workout company at Crossroads – would be a good place for the monthly happy hour.

  4. Great beatdown Hardywood! That was one of the harder workouts I’ve attended recently. Swirly would have loved it. Great home brew Lab Rat. I would buy that beer if you sold it.

    Thanks for the support from all for Kudzu. He was nervous about being able to keep up with the PAX today, but I’m proud of how well he did and I think the continued shout outs from the PAX made his day. Happy 4th to you all!

  5. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Kudzu rocks. My favorite part of today’s workout was when Gumbo and Kudzu came back to the group after their last lap around the stairs. Gumbo announced that Kudzu had declined his offer to get help with his rock on the stairs. Man, that makes me happy and optimistic about our next generation of leaders.

    Gentlemen, that kind of attitude is not just born into someone, it is learned. If you don’t think that your children are watching what you do and how you lead, you are mistaken. Our kids see when we get up at 5am to work out, return at 7 soaking wet and exhausted, they see how we react when life deals us a blow, they see how we support our friends, they see how we interact with everyone in the community. How we react and what we do is teaching our children how to live and lead in the future. It is not a surprise to me that Fudd’s 2.0 would already have the character of a great leader at his young age. God Bless America.

  6. Yeah, sorry about that. But, as kids would say, you started it!

    Nice Benz, btw.

  7. Honey Do RVA on

    What a beatdown Hardywood. Thanks to LabRat for selecting an ergonomic rock to tote around, fit perfect on my shoulder. Weighed myself this am before and after Batteau, says I dropped 4 lbs in thar hour, sounds about right.

  8. That one hurt, Hardywood! Nice use of rocks and the hill to really challenge the pax!

  9. Epic beatdown Hardywood. No better way to kick-off the 4th of July. One of the worst (and by worst I of course mean best) beatdown a I have experienced.

    Huge shout out to Kidzu – way to rock kid. Much respect for that strong 12 year old pushing all the way to the end.

    TYA’s comment above was right on the money.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their wet July 4th.

  10. Also, thanks for all the complements on the brew. I am happy to have a group to share with that appreciates a good beer. Will have to make that a tradition on special occasion beatdowns. Or Saturdays.

  11. Hardywood – Terrific workout today. Native American runs uphill with rocks only set the tone for what would come next.

    Great job to Kudzu – Persevering through today’s workout. Well Done!

    Lab Rat – There isn’t a workout known that an IPA won’t address. Thanks again for sharing your craft with us.