Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Obama wears a Reagan/Bush hat


8 strong and determined runners posted for a Sunday morning saunter around the trails of Richmond VA. Weather was 65 degrees and cloudy, a bit of rain towards the end.

The Thang:

Nickel Bridge to Buttermilk trail. Buttermilk to Reedy Creek, crossover stream to Forest Hill Park. Do the Forest Hill Park loop in the clockwise direction. Back over to the Buttermilk and back to the shovel flag. Route clocked in at just about 7.5 miles.


First off, thanks to Obama for joining us for the second consecutive day from Greensville. Pleasure to have you as part of the PAX in RVA. Having been born and raised in Richmond, he had a great familiarity with the trails and was able to make sure Toga (a Forrest Hill Virgin) and others were following the right path through the woods. “Obama” it seems is trying to dis-associate himself with his namesake. He was proudly wearing a Reagan/Bush hat from 1984 to make sure that his political affiliation was clear.

The list of items that are quirky about Wilson is growing. Lets see, there is the fear of running in the dark, confusion over things that come in odd numbers (especially when it is the PAX count), aversion to the smell of Petrully (whatever the heck that is), and the obsession with wearing long sleeves (with another shirt underneath) all year long. Today brought a new one out: when we finished the run, Wilson was in a panic to do the COT and leave the AO as soon as possible. Did he have a family obligation? Did he need to get to church? No, he hates getting wet and it was beginning to rain. Quirky, Yes. Awesome and a blast to hang out with, Yes again.

Finally, I am not sure why, but when a visitor, or a new guys comes around, I have noticed that they have a tendency to snicker when I announce my name. Maybe it is just paranoia coming from TYA (you guys know how sensitive I am), something quirky that I do when I say may name (maybe a twinge of my Boston accent coming to the forefront), or an inside joke that I don’t yet know about. I don’t know? If it continues, I just might take BT up on his offer to take over the dreaded name that begins with an H that has been threatened to be thrust upon many an FNG.

Special 1 hour 4th of July workout tomorrow at Batteau. Should be an epic beatdown from Hardywood and a great way to start your holiday.

TYA Out.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Always a pleasure to run with you guys on Sunday. Great day for it and a great way to keep the weekend rolling. See you in the Gloom!

  2. Great run today TYA. Forest Hill is always a dynamic run affording different paths to be taken.

  3. I REALLY enjoyed today’s run and the company! The Forest Hill loop is enjoyable AND a mile shorter than normal! #runningsucks TYA & Aisle 5 were great to connect with at ET. See y’all tomorrow!

  4. “THE Yankee Aggressor” forever man! Great to have Lockjaw back on the trails again. Aisle 5 was solid as usual,Obama was tearing-up the lead, and Wilson’s presence continued to entertain. Still finding it difficult to address Blue Balls by his prescribed name…attempting to shorten it to just “Balls” did not ease my anxiety.

    I wonder where Toga was today. The individual who showed up today – who felt compelled to apologize for supposed past transgressions – was foreign to me. I miss the old Toga – he is more fun to hang out with.