Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sucks if you’re slow


16 Faithful posted for a fun 45MOM beatdown.  TYA EH’d YHC to Q today and planted the shovel flag to save me time…..thanks brother.   I tried to plant my own shovel flag once I arrived at the AO, but the dirt was just too HARD.  So  back into the car it went and we were off to start a Fudd Q:


Abe Vigoda x 15

SSH x 30

Mountain Climbers x 15

Flutter Kicks x 30

Merkins x 10

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for the first ever version of “It Sucks to be Last”:

Line up on the west sideline and Bear Crawl to the next sideline on the first court, then sprint to the far east end of the tennis courts.  Last man to cross the last line does 5 burpees, 20 merkins, then maintains the “Superman” position until all the PAX are done with the evolution.  The rest of the PAX continues to do bear crawl/sprints from end to end of the tennis courts until a winner is declared as the last man to finish each sprint stops and does the aforementioned exercises.  I think we did 6 or 7 sprints until YHC called an audible and declared that double elimination would be in place moving forward (the last 2 men on each sprint would drop out and perform the requisite exercises).  I think we did around 10 or 11 sprints total and the last two PAX to race were Marv and Swirly.  Tclaps to those fellas for being the last two standing. Their reward was 5 burpees.

Mosey to the soccer field for the Tunnel of Love:

Form two lines facing each other at the West end of the field and lock arms in squat position.  Each two man segment bear crawls through the tunnel created by the rest of the PAX until we reached the East end of the field.  Swirly gave us a 10 count.

Count off by two’s for Ultimate Frisbee.  Team 2 removed their shirts and play commenced.  The shirtless team won 2-1.

Back to the shovel flag for some Mary:

LBC’s x 39

Hello Dollies x 20

Cross leg lifts – each leg x 10

Superman x 2

COP with prayer by YHC


Way to bring it fellas!  Today was fun and YHC was impressed by the effort each man displayed.  Swirly impressed everyone by being one of the last 2 men standing at the end of the “Sucks to be Last” evolution.  I had remembered Swirly being less than exemplary at bear crawls, but apparently he has been practicing his technique as he and Marv smoked everyone to be the last 2. Dedication and persistence pay off, as Swirly continues to show us.

Ultimate Frisbee was met with enthusiasm by all.  YHC had intended to base the decision on which team took their shirts off by Lab Rat, but since he was not in attendance we went with TYA. Several notable plays were made, but the one that stands out in YHC’s mind was a sliding catch by TYA that deserves a place on the Sportcenter’s top ten plays off the day.


BT and Toga are recruiting for the Spartan race on 9/24.  Pucker expressed interest and BT says he will pick him up.

Fudd out


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  1. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Actually, it sucks if you’re fast. Swirly and Marv looked like they were gassed, but some of the tomatoes looked pretty good from where Saab and I were, lying on the ground;) Well done, Fudd! That was a lot of fun, and a good workout, too.

  2. Crap, I cannot believe the day I don’t post to 45mom is the day I could have not got crap for being shirtless!

    Don’t worry ladies, I’ll bring a shirt in the a.m. I may or may not wear it, but I’ll have one.

  3. True that on the scenery BT. Your subsequent comment on the tunnel of love regarding Pucker wearing Marv’s ass for a hat, had me grinning all day.

  4. Confirmed what I already knew:
    – It doesn’t always suck to be slow…as long as you take advantage of the scenery.
    – I suck at ultimate frisbee…or any sport that involves throwing or catching

  5. I just completed F3 Wilmington coastal surge, and it was another shoulder smokefest. This is 3 in a row first Rosie than BT’s now today again shoulder slaughter. Is there a corporate challenge that I am not aware of?