Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Reaching for the Summitt


15 strong gathered at W Dog for a midweek beatdown.  The weather was perfect because, well, we were alive and able to bang out a workout together!  Here’s how it went down:

The Thang:

Mosey to circle in front of Amphitheater for COP:

SSH x 18

Abe Vigoda x 16

Merkins x 16

Imperial Walkers x 18

LBC x 36

Mosey to the pull up station for pull-ups x 5, chin-ups x 5, supinated inverse arm curls x 8.  Repeat x 3.

Mosey to Amphitheater for an Escalator of ascending squats.  Start on first step at 1 rep, second step x 2 and so on to the top (Summitt) and 18th step.

Mosey to circle drive for modified Curb Crawl.  PAX performs a lateral bear crawl moving from left to right and performs x 1 staggered merkin at curb, then proceeds from right to left and performs x 2 merkins at far curb, continuing in ascending fashion to 8.  Audible called:  remaining merkins done in descending fashion from 8 to 1 utilizing a crabwalk.

Mosey back to Amphitheater to finish the escalator, only in desceding order from 18 to 1.  Exercise was incline merkin.

Mosey back to circle to 6 MOM:

Freddie Mercuries x 30

Rosalitas x 20

LBC’s x 36

Something else?

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for COT.  Flashdance took us out.


As a Vol for Life, today YHC tried to pay tribute to the career accomplishments of Pat Summit, who passed yesterday after a battle with early onset dementia.  The winningest coach in D1 basketball history (men’s and women’s) with 1098 wins, she put up some impressive numbers, all the while exhibiting the class of a champion.  Easily the best coach I never had.  The exercise reps represented her accomplishments (when possible):

8 National Titles, 18 Final Fours (conveniently the same number of steps in the amphitheater), 16 SEC tournament championships, 16 SEC season championships, 1098 wins, 36 20-win seasons, 20 30-win seasons and possibly most impressive 100% graduation rate for 4yr players.

We are getting stronger on the bars, fellas.  And despite Toga’s pleas for no pullups today, they had to happen.  Hardywood, Sippy, Toga, Swirly and a couple others are banging them out.  Great job!  Goldberg suggested some bicep work, and YHC agrees that we should utilize the bars for just that when possible.  WDog is a great AO for multiple reasons, not the least of which is access to the beautiful blue relief stations that have served several PAX so well over the past few months, although the suggestion of a Ring of Fire around said stations was met with disdain, along with horrid stench.  Apologies to Circle K during pull ups as YHC literally left him hanging.  Apparently, “I’m Third” was replaced with “I’m First” for a brief second.  My bad, brother.

More apologies for those running Hillcrest this evening; 171 squats = pain.

The highlight of the morning was definitely the Dealer’s Choice option for the escalator descent.  YHC had wanted to call incline merkins, but honestly was still feeling Rosie’s beatdown from yesterday, so he gave Saab the call.  On cue, he called merkins and dutifully earned the ire of the PAX.  Swallowing the red pill takes courage, men!  (It is possible that Saab thought it was a one-and-done scenario, but YHC likes to think that Saab needed 171 reasons to get up for a BT Q).  Despite the pain, YHC believes that the PAX is feeling good about it right now.

Finally, another Conspiracy sighting, although he was apparently lost and running with what appeared to be a tourist group.  Come on back, Conspiracy!

Thanks for Flashdance for inspiring words.  We played hard today, Coach Summit would be proud with the effort.  I was humbled to lead.






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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Now that was a BT beat down fella’s – well done BT.. Great BB… Excellent tribute to Coach Summitt.
    Why am I still smelling that stinch from the big blue relief stations – damn that was terrible – time to replace those suckers.. More pull ups and incline merkins to come @ dodgpile Sat morn 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom…

  2. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Big blue relief is both awful and invaluable at the same time. I would have died without them this am.
    171 of anything sucks, squats will be felt this afternoon.

    Great job this am BT, always love the themed workouts. Summit was the best

  3. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    BT may need to rename himself. He had a Vietnam flashback this morning during the name orama

  4. Ouch! My shoulders and legs hurt just reading the number of squats and merkins. Nice work fellas. Great tribute BT.

  5. Much respect to the themed workout BT. Curb crawls were nasty dude, and for those who offer me dealer’s choice, remember I have a track record of bad ideas.

    I’ve noticed TYA’s GI tract has been the subject in a couple workouts lately. I suppose the topic is an improvement on Toga’s Balls…not quite sure.

    Departing for Hillcrest now. I’ll let you know how it feels after enduring those squats today – likely awful.

  6. Great Q BT, FYI I am a chiropractor and need the use of my arms. I don’t have a teaching job like Offshore!!! Dude TYA is hard core no audibles, I still have to work men oh well I will suck it up…

  7. No worries. I interpreted it as you having confidence in me that I could finish the pullups solo. Great work today fellas