Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A mid-week Donkey kick in the pants


3 SOT faithful and 1 SOT newbie climbed out of the fartsack and fought the humidity to kick (donkey-style) their hump-day off right.  Here is how it went down, more or less:

Slow mosey as a group to the track and 1 lap around.  Circle up on the asphalt platform at the end of the track for extended COP (all IC):

  1. SSH x30
  2. DQ (AV style nice and slow) x10
  3. Arm circles – 5 small, 5 large – forward and backwards
  4. Copperhead squats x10
  5. Ball dippers x10
  6. Merkins x10
  7. Flutter kicks x20
  8. Freddie Mercuries x20
  9. LBCs x20
  10. 8-count bodybuilders – pan-PAX count twice around the horn

Mosey to sideline for 11s – start with 10 plank-jacks and 1 box-cutter then run across the field and work our way to 1 p-j, 10 b-c.  (the grass was luscious)

Slow mosey long way around the track over to “Bernie” hill by the tennis courts to welcome LugNut back to the States with a workout from his last SOT Q – the Triple Nickle – run backwards up the hill (feel the BERNie) to the fence and perform 5 Moses Malone’s, run forward down the hill (carefully) and perform 5 Bobby Hurley’s – repeato x5.

Line up on posts leading from walkway up the hill to the Tennis courts for pole-smokers Indian-run style – 10 pole-smokers then move on to the next available post.  As luck would have it, we had just the right number of posts for each PAX member to get 3 repetitions.

Hit the tennis courts for tracers – down and back across all 4 tennis courts running forward to the net, shuffle the width of the court, run backwards to baseline and karaoke to the next court and repeat.

Find a pole along the fence for Donkey-kick ladder:

  1. Donkey-kicks x10
  2. Squat Jumps x10 and Donkey-kicks x10
  3. Werkins x10, Squat Jumps x10 and Donkey-kicks x10
  4. Werkins x10, Squat Jumps x10 and Donkey-kicks x10
  5. Squat Jumps x10 and Donkey-kicks x10
  6. Donkey-kicks x10

Circle (square?) up for Ring of Fire x2 – merkins-plan first round and 2-count flutter kicks and six-inches the second round.

2MOM – Bay City Scissors (8-counts) x10 OYO; Dr. W (8-counts) x10 or AMRAP OYO

Short mosey back to the VSF for numberarama, namearama and COT with YHC taking us out.


What a great morning for a beatdown.  The humidity level was high but the temperature was pleasant.  The fresh dew on the field helped fully saturate the PAX during the workout.  Rosie lead the way as usual, but Shawshank was back to prove himself after his FNG posting yesterday and he was strong throughout the workout – nipping at Rosie’s heels during 11s.  LugNut pushed through the workout strong showing no signs of over-indulgence during his trip across the pond to witness first-hand the Brexit and to complete possibly the worst foreign exchange trade in the history of the pound-dollar exchange.  BERNie Hill never disappoints – my quads are still burning.  And, the extended COP and core focus today got me good.  I’m hoping Honey Do takes notice of the Donkey-kicks today and makes an appearance at SOT in the future…come kick it southside-style brother.

Thanks for the privilege to lead such a fine group of men, always a pleasure.


Wednesday Hill-run tonight at Hillcrest – Circle K has the Q

Saab has the Q tomorrow at 45MOM and DK will be leading the elephants at Circus Maximus

Be on the lookout for more info coming soon on the Reese Strong 5K in September – let’s turnout strong to support families battling childhood cancer.

No more Gumbo for you…have a great Wednesday men!


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  1. Come “kick it” southside…I see what you did there, Gumbo!

    That sounds like it would have been almost worth the drive…..almost. Well done, men.

  2. Honey Do RVA on

    I do love me some Donkey Kicks. I am still downright furious that the last 2 NoToll Qs have waltzed right past that new fence without breaking her in with some DKs. I can assure the PAX that next Tuesday we will spend some time getting some grass on it, Swirly you might want to opt for Spider Run…

    This looks like a solid Gumbo beatdown and good to see Shawshank post strong on day 2.

  3. Strong Q Gumbo. Glad I got my fill of donkey kicks in this am since I will miss them next Tuesday.

  4. Nice work Gumbo, you are leading beat downs all over RVA brother!!! Great job on stepping up and leading.

  5. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Way to push it guys..
    Yep think I;ll be heading back to spider run – but I’m not scared I built in both Donkey kicks and bear crawls into the workout on Monday…
    What I am saying – I’m out of town all next week – will be posting by myself so y’all will have to hold the fort and donkey kick without me..

  6. Nice looking Q Gumbo. Sorry I missed it. This makes me wish I had donkey kicked my way out of LaGuardia last night instead of sitting idle on the Tarmac for 2.5 hours. Looking forward to a beat down at 45MOM tomorrow.

  7. Gumbo: Nice mix. And your use of the term Luscious will stay with me for the remainder of the day.

    Swirly: I got it figured out…After our weekly Spider Run you simply join the Seal Team in string of DK’s and BC’s. You know you want to….

  8. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    The key point being I join in and do the freaken DK’S and BC’s not stand there with a clipboard !!

  9. Appreciate the offer DK. I will try to make plans for that for another week.

  10. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    The Donkey-thon looks rough. Beer and a cot at DK’s house in OBX?! Saab’s driving!