Wednesday, December 7
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No, sorry, the other way


A total of 7 showed up for the UR spider run this morning in a humid but otherwise pleasant and overcast morning…

Route: Around lake to Wood Road, Waveny, then meander to the hill on Chandler. Take the cut-through to Bandy field at the top of the hill. Take access road the cut over to Honaker. Take Honaker to Hanover, Hanover to Pepper, then cut through St Chris and return on St Christopher. Tapoan, Ridgeway, Roselawn, then return to campus drive. Added a run around the lake for good measure.

There was a fair balance (from YHC’s perspective) of steady hills and flat terrain. (OK, maybe a few more hills than flat terrain.) Anyway, it was nice to tread some new ground, which resulted in a few miscues along the way. Aside from YHC periodically directing Marv into a driveway or two, the PAX stayed together and all ran strong. Kudos to everyone there today who either ran-in (varying miles) or biked in. Well done guys!

Safe travels to Offshore who is traveling oversees to take advantage of the collapsed Euro/Pound exchange rate.

Announcements: See Offshore regarding the benefit-bike race on Sept 24.

Saab out.


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  1. Enjoyed the route Saab. Didn’t enjoy the last hill. It’s always better when you don’t know what is coming.

    The humidity really crushed me this morning. Great job to all!