Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lucky 13


13 faithful and 1 FNG met at # NoToll for an anniversary beatdown.  70 degrees and humid with a few drops of rain while we were waiting to start to remind us where we were.


  • 13 burpees
  • 28 SSH
  • 13 ISW
  • 13 HRM
  • 13 Peter Parker


13s – Monkey humpers/dying cockroach – Like elevens but add 2 rounds to total 13.  Start at parking spaces on one side of the lot, alternate bear crawl and running between parking rows for each round.  Alternate 13 SSH/ 13 freddie mercuries until all are complete.

Mosey to the plush grass field for sprints backward/forward x2.  Mosey around the field to the pavilion.

Lindsey – merkins/dips – 30/10, 25/15…10/30.   Alternate 13 Squats/13 box cutters until PAX are complete.  Mosey to the middle of the field for the Honeymoon Suite.

  • 13 1-leg APD, each leg
  • 13 Monkey humpers
  • 13 Pickle pounders

Circle up for Guantanamo, 1 round.  Mosey to the other field to check out the grass.

Ring of fire, dealers choice for PAX to the left, no repeats.  If burpees are called all PAX do 10.  Variety including American hammers, werkins, burpees, flutter kicks, diamond merkins and Parker Peters

Mary – American Hammers, Dollies, Heels to Heaven  Mosey back to the flag.



Not only was YHC marking my 1 year of F3 posts today (actual date June 2) but today is my 13th wedding anniversary.  YHCs M is out of town taking care of her parents so what better way to celebrate but by trying to work myself and anyone else that wanted to join into the ground. Hence the #13 themed workout, seems that 13 is enough reps of just about everything, if you do them in quick succession.

YHC saw a sign yesterday for an Orange Theory gym opening soon that claimed they had the best hour long workout in the country, BT has a coworker that agrees.  Apparently they have never been to a Swirly Q at Dogpile.

The workout was a mix of things YHC enjoys and does not enjoy as much as well as some things pulled from DKs Q at my first post.  Merkin/Dip Lindsey is still painful after a year.  Obviously backward running is a YHC favorite, YHC will leave it to the PAX to determine those I do not enjoy as much.  Bleeder almost blew out his knee again during Guantanamo, he came back strong at the end.  Welcome FNG Shawshank, Gumbo’s nephew, he had to take a little break after the Honeymoon Suite, maybe he can take some F3 intensity back to VMI with him.  The grass in the fields was plush and better than most golf courses, YHC is still finding grass clippings all over.

TYA tweeted this link of Abacus, our F3 brother in DaVille.  Great video showing the need to take advantage of the time we have with our families.   https://youtu.be/2AToeesy7oY

It has been slightly over a year since I started posting at Shooter’s recommendation.  He thought this would be something I would enjoy and he nailed it.  YHC enjoys the workouts but the fellowship is what I was lacking in my life.    It is always a pleasure to lead and to be a part of this growing F3RVA group, this morning was no different.



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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great Q, Great BB, and very well said prayer during Ball of Man Rosie! I love those No Toll fields but I think I swallowed a mouth full of grass clippings – still burping it up 🙂
    Orange Theory best hour workout – Y’all tell anyone you know that is thinking about doing an hr of Orange that we will allow them to come to a Swirly Q @ Dogpile @ no cost for as long as they can take it – they have a choice – pay and see what the results might be or commit, have some skin in the game and be guaranteed – because you and your fellow pax members make F3RVA the best hr workout !
    Love the Abacus clip!Aye!
    See y’all in the gloom…..

  2. Great Q Rosie – arms are still rubber. Your friendship has always meant a lot to me. thanks for introducing me to the F3 brotherhood. I am grateful.

    And, happy anniversaries

    Sorry, had to pull some more grass off my body.

    Thanks all for welcoming Shawshank today. Thought he might spill some merlot for us – guess he didn’t maintain his PT routine during summer school. No fear, F3RVA will get him back in shape before he heads back to Lex-vegas in August.

    Great clip on Abacus, thanks for sharing. #priorities #perspective

  3. Döner Kebab on

    I’ve never known more sweat dripping from both my shirt and shorts as it did during the Ring of Fire. Continuous big drops. Great Q, Rosie!

  4. Rosie you hit the nail on the head today at the COT. F3 helps us reignite our purpose and passion for life. We are here not to just take up space, with the gift of life comes a responsibility to pursue our talents, chase our dreams and become the men god has planned for us to be.

  5. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Well done, Rosie, and congratulations! You’re right, that Lindsey routine is still tough. Wear an orange shirt to WDog tomorrow and we will contemplate some theories. Which reminds me that I have an office down the hall from me that needs some F3 decor…

    • Sorry about that Bleeder. I know from my knee troubles, straight ahead is the best way to go. Start shuffling or moving to the side and you’re in trouble. Hope it’s not too bad and you recover quickly.

  6. Sounds like a mean Q, happy anniversaries, Rosie!

    Also, glad to see DaVille back on top of the numbers game. I know it’s not a competition, but if it were, we would have won.

    Catch yall back on this side of the river!

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