Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Uniformed Pax, an FNG LIFO, and #22Kill


15 Brothers and 1 FNG met the gloomy drizzle this morning to crush the morning.  YHC got there early (he was out of coffee at home and had to duck in to Wawa) to plant the shovelflag and watch the pax roll in.  Many Pax showed up in their shiny new Mud Gear sporting the Tuesday AO of choice, making us look all official-like!  Here is how it done got crushed:

COP (numbers may or may not be accurate)

  • SSH IC X31
  • Don Quixote IC X27
  • Copperhead Squats IC X17
  • Crab Cakes IC X21
  • Arm Circles IC X10 little X5 big….Reverso
  • HIllbillies IC X15

Parking Lot Tracers

  • Run parking lot line forward, karaoke over to next line, run line backwards, karaoke to next line.
  • Repeato until end of parking lot, switching directions at the island.

Jacobs Ladder

  • Run up hill at front of Cool Springs track, do 1 burpee.
  • Run down hill, 2 burpees
  • Repeato to 11 burpees


  • Bleacher 1 complete 10 Dips
  • Run to other side
  • Bleacher 2 complete 1 Derkin
  • Add/take away until numbers are flip/flop
  • join in on the abs by Abacus when complete

(Optional) Burpee Indian Run back to Flag

  • Single file line, last man do a burpee (or not) then sprint to front.
  • Go back to flag

1 minute of Mary

  • American Hammer IC X20



As mentioned, YHC arrived very early to the AO due to the Ratskeller being out of coffee (still plenty of beer though).  It was a peaceful morning to just be, listening to the wind whip at the Shovelflag as a light drizzle set in. How wonderful to be alive!  Opus was next on the scene, then the pax began rolling in. Excitement was higher than normal, as several members were sporting their new DaVille jerseys!  Talk of the town was Emoji, as he crammed himself into a size small fitted shirt.  To say it was snug was an understatement.  YHC is happy he didnt get the shorts….

In the COP, mumblechatter was high, mainly because it was looking like our FNG streak was at an end.  BUT WAIT…WHO GOES THERE?!?  An FNG LiFO’d in to save the streak!  Also, Abacus has made his odd way of only counting to 10 the official DaVille stamp on F3 Nation.  Whether this will be green lighted by corporate remains to be seen, but it probably wont much matter because he has infected many impressionable young minds with it already.  Circle K and Mr. Rogers kept the old way alive.  The Q introduced a few new COP excersizes to the pax this morning, and he discovered that Hillbillies are VERY tough on cadence counting.

The pax ate up parking lot tracers, then gunned over to the elementary school for Jacob’s ladder.  There was a man running the track in Lab Rat Summer Dress (shirtless), and he got the EH from several pax members.  YHC would be surprised if he did not post next Tuesday.  Blue Balls smoked thru the Jacob’s Ladder, and got a long rest in plank to recover.

11’s was led by Abacus and Spike, with a few others making good showings.  Circle K ran with Lab Rat to bring up the rear, mostly because of the mumblechatter between the two threw their counts off more often than not.  “How many are we doing?” was asked at every turn.

Burpee Indian runs is becoming YHC’s favorite way to mosey BACK to the flag.  Not everyone agrees.

Leave it to fellow service members to really welcome each other into the fold with open arms.  Furball (Former AF pilot) took the charge of naming FNG (former AF enlisted).  Welcome Stewardess!  That’s good stuff there.

After name-o-rama and before BOM, Abacus challenged all pax members to #22kill.  This is what Oyster has been doing the last couple weeks, posting a video to social media of yourself doing 22 pushups for 22 days to raise awareness to the fact that today, 22 former service members will end their lives by suicide.    F3RVA pax members be on alert, the challenge will be moving it’s way south.  You can see the video of 15 pax members taking on that challenge together either here (if the link will work), or over on the facebooks.

Glad to have Mr. Rogers back in the mix.  Not quite a Kotters, but just happy to see him in the circle.

Also, shout out to Furball for continuing to come out here and bust his ass week after week.  It ain’t easy, but you do it anyways.  Way to do it, brother!



  • If you are thinking about Q’ing (which every regular should eventually do), ask around for a copy of Freed To Lead, and get up with Lab Rat, Circle K, or Abacus for some helpful tips.
  • Wednesday Hill Run is at Hillcrest Drive this week, NOT Pump House, as was put out this morning.
  • F3 will have a booth and a team at this year’s ReeseStrong 5k.  Team will be open to all pax and family, this is a very family friendly event.  Saturday, September 17th (weekend AFTER BRR).
  • F3RVA workouts all week.  Lab Rat is always willing to clown car to (almost) any of them (it would be hard pressed for Lab Rat to show at SOT again).  If you want to get a workout in, the website or the app is your guide.


Lab Rat out.




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  1. Döner Kebab on

    The DaVille shirts look strong! Flashdance was sporting one at NoToll this morning.
    Well done, DaVille!

  2. Great Q this am LabRat. The Indian Run is always a good way to end a beatdown. Welcome Stewardess. The guy running the track looked like he wanted to join in today. He’ll be there next week.

  3. Corp requires counting to actual numbers– unless of course, you’er using an Abacus. Not be confused with a Weinke,

  4. I’ll let Abacus battle it out with corporate. We are nomads though, so there is precedence for doing whatever the hell we want. As TYA would say: #notaregion

    Shirts do look good though, nice work Bleeder! Wearing mine at work today.

  5. Should be like a race tshirt…bad luck to wear it until you actually post to it! Get yer ass to DaVille, Flashdance!

  6. 10-4 Roger that, Lab Rat I have the shirt now I can show up. Looks like a great beatdown way to push it today brothers. Also we had a FNG who is a VMI 19 year old kid and we smoked him, he got blasted by a Rosie Q!!!