Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Humidity and Goo Alert


Seven of the Faithful posted at the GridIron eager for the workout and the fellowship. No rain (or lighting to which Johnsonville is impervious) but ample humidity. Something like the following ensued:

Welcome and disclaimer


x20 SSHs IC
x20 Don Quioxtes IC
x20 Imperial Walkers IC
x20 Hillbillies IC
x20 Plank Jacks IC
x20 Alabama Prom Dates IC
x20 Merkins IC
x20 Seal Jacks IC

Eight-Count Body Builders (IC Pan PAX)

Mosey to WildCat gridiron (near bleachers):

Tabata: Dips

Mosey to across WildCat gridiron (far bleachers):

Tabata: Elevated Shoulders Single Leg Hip Thrusts (alt legs)

Mosey to the Pillars and Slalom:

Pole Smokers w/ HTH OYO
Penmanship – Right leg (ALL CAPS) OYO
Penmanship – Left leg (lower case) OYO

Triple Check – Run the Pillars/Pillar seat/Pole Smokers w/ HTH

Mosey to School Back Courtyard:

Tabata: Donkey Kicks

x20 APD
x10 Grounded Shoulders Single Leg Hip Thrusts (right leg) IC
x10 Grounded Shoulders Single Leg Hip Thrusts (left leg) IC
x20 Merkins IC

Mosey back to Pillars:

x20 Pole Smokers OYO

50 yard Lunge Walk

Mosey back to parking lot


Countarama and Numberama

Face wiping

Announcements – 11 weeks to BRR

More face wiping

Lord’s Prayer under White Deer’s lead

Shirt changes before car entries


Pre-game at 0645: Guarding Against The “Yeast” — Oprah Bombs, Goo, and false teachings abound. Be alert for them, guard against them, and stand firm in resisting them.

Chum’s contemplating divinity school to comprehend the difference between a debt and a trespass. Bank attorneys prefer the latter approach.

C-Dubs arrived with visions of Einstein’s in his head – good wheels on that boy as shown in the Triple Check; also demonstrated Houdini-like skills with his remarkable penetration of the Courtyard inner gate.

White Deer – back from from beach vacation and sporting enhanced pigmentation defying his F3 handle.

Chum arrived just in time for J’ville’s mini-Q of the Hillbillies and APDs – you just can’t miss that especially with J’ville’s accent and cadence calls. Self-inspired, J’ville later lead a PAX mutiny by truncating the Courtyard-based Grounded Shoulders Single Leg Hip Thrusts with premature halts.

Glad to have Mr. Roper for his virgin GridIron posting – strong repping of St. Michael’s by Mr. Roper, DK, and
C- Dubs (and YHC as father of two grads).

Coffeeteria at Einsteins – musings of Boy Scout adventures, Lowe’s ingenious marketing, long bike rides at the beach, and Brexit predominated.

Well done, men, as always. Thanks for the privilege of your friendships and encouragements.

Matthew 16:1-12


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