Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bearway to Tabatta Heaven


3 posted for a glorious summer beatdown at Source of Truth that went something like this:


Mosey from shovel flag around track.

COP at blacktop at near end of track: SSH, Crab Cakes, Hello Dolly, Imperial Walkers

Mosey around track and back to near side of track.

Tabatta: Merkins + Jump Squats

Bearway to Heaven up to tennis court, 1 merk, bearcrawl back, 2 mercks

Tabatta: Box Cutters + Imperial Squat Walkers

Bearway to Heaven up to tennis court, 3 merks, bearcrawl back, 4 mercks

Wilson’s Tabatta: Cross Leg Lifts + Russian Soldiers

Bearway to Heaven up to tennis court, 5 merks, bearcrawl back, 6 mercks

Rosie’s Tabatta: Plank Jacks + Lunges

Bearway to Heaven up to tennis court, 6 merks, audible crawlbear back, 5 mercks

Tabatta: Monkey Humpers + Capital Letters

Mosey around entire track and back to SF

COT: Wilson took us out

It felt cool out…with low humidity…but there was still a lot of sweat.

TClaps to Wilson for continuing counting during the initial SSHs while YHC and Rosie had a sidebar conversation about EHing one of Rosie’s neighbors who YHC had seen at a swim meet the night before.

YHC tried to EH a 5:30 runner, but dude wasn’t interested…could have been the Bearways

Solid work by PAX to keep up the energy. Well done, boys.

Jville on Q at Circus Maximus tomorrow

Wilson is looking to buy a home in 23113…keep your eyes open and let him know if anything pops up.


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  1. Well done gents! Sorry to have missed it. I love me some Tabatta. Had to opt for a short run in the neighborhood to be finished early this morning.

    TClaps to Wilson who has been on a roll lately. That extended fartsack hibernation produced some serious energy and enthusiasm…or maybe its living with the in-laws. Been there bro. I know the feeling. Will definitely keep eyes and ears open for houses.

  2. DK brought the pain today. When he said tabatta today I was happy! #runningsucks THEN he said he really like Lug Nuts bearway to heaven. That was tough! Wilson does not like those! I kept counting because that is what the PAX does………..not talk. 🙂 Had fun today and still homeless!

  3. Those bearway’s to heaven sound like hell, can’t wait to give them a test run.