Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

V Squared – The Hills Are Alive


12 men showed up for this very special V x 2 post. This was the first AO for Batteau and the first Q for YHC.

COP: 25 SSH, 25 LBC, 20 Merkin, 20 DKB

Mosey over to one of Forest Hill Park’s namesake features for a little Monday fun. The Thang:

Valley of Doubt – Modified Jacob’s Ladder with 1 merkin top of the hill, run down the valley, 1dip, run up the next hill, 2 merkin, back down the valley 2 dips, repeat to 10.

Triton’s Revenge – Complete a loop around the pond. Perform a burpee at lamp post and add one at each lamp post. 1 burpee at post 1, 2 burpees at post 2, 3 burpee at post 3, etc. to completion for all 10 posts.

Head slightly down Reedy Creek and pair up. One partner squats with a rock of success and the other partner runs to top of hill and completes 10 merkins and 20 two count American Hammers, then switch for 6 rounds.

Run back to flag up a hill to be named later to close out the morning.  The names uttered for this hill on the return run would make this post NSFW.

Numberama, namearama, COT and Swirly took us out.

NMS – It perfect weather for this initial AO and for a first Q. The morning felt much like the first day of school for a first year teacher. Pretty excited, a little nervous and hoping for no revolt. Much to my surprise the cars kept coming and a solid crew formed. The cart led the horse a few moments during the morning, but with the gracious guidance of the veteran Pax, they helped YHC stay on track.

We welcomed one FNG (Noodler) who clearly has a great level of fitness. He, Last Chance and Fudd dominated the hills, as there were many this morning.

The story of the flag that graces my shovel was shared. It was sent to me by a after being flown by the 37th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unity on a B-1B in Syria and Iraq in Operation Inherent Resolve. I had been saving it for something more meaningful than just putting it in a frame. Perhaps like men of a certain age, I did not want it to just collect dust and be forgotten about. It is with the greatest pride I share it and this morning with the Pax. Thank you gentlemen.

Reminder -Tuesday we are going for gold. The old pax record of 43 will be smashed and we will hit 60 total pax across 3 AOs by whatever means necessary.  Text, call, email your brothers.  If you have to send an invite via a carrier pigeon, make it happen.

Dominate your Monday.



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  1. Two things:

    I really regret missing this workout…my body is in need of rest, however.

    The most intimidating part of a Q is the night/morning before it…the workout is usually pretty easy once you get rolling. The HARDEST part of a Q is the backblast, which you knocked out of the park! Well done, Hardywood!

    Looking forward to my first Hardywood Q

  2. Great Q Hardywood and great new AO. Lots of opportunity for punishment among those hills. It will certainly be a great addition to the weekly circuit.

    Great story about the AO name and the flag atop the SF today. Certainly puts the gloom in perspective. Great certificate by the way — 5 – 2,000 pound bombs released by BONE 41.

    Welcome Noodler.

  3. What a scenic location to get so brutally beatdown as I just did this morning! Thanks Bleeder for sticking with me in the six up that last hill!

    Great Q Hardywood and I think the PAX is going to like the variety that this AO offers.

    @Hardywood, do you still have the contact information of those USAF soldiers? If so, maybe we could find a way to get a picture to them of the PAX next time at Batteau with the flag?

  4. Was the FNG’s real name Henry? That’s the guy I EH’d in the parking lot after the trail run yesterday, he sounded like he was coming.

  5. No, Last Time brought him. Nice work though on the EH all the same, I’m noticing the EH game of DaVille-ians is strong.

  6. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Atta Baby Hardywood – you did not disappoint bro – well done! Love the flag story and the new AO !Great way to start the day – way to push it today guys.. Welcome Noodler..
    See y’all in the gloom…
    DK – will you please get Batteau up on the Q sheet when you get a chance – thanks man…

  7. Sorry I missed it… Was very excited for you VQ Hardywood and the VAO but the bum (flipper) was so locked up this morning no chance. I look forward to a Hardywood beatdown soon.

  8. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    The Hill of Inherent Resolve damn near killed me. Fine job today, Hardywood! You are a natural and I’m looking forward to getting more time at #Batteau. And a powerful send off to start the week. Welcome, Noodler! Aye!

  9. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Epic start to a great AO. This location will rival dogpile for most places to inflict pain at a single location. That hill is brutal. Lab rat, you should remember the hill from the 1/2 marathon #soulkiller.

    Hardywood is a great storyteller (or bullshitter). Either way I like listening to his stories and he has a ton of detail behind them. Good job on your VQ.

    Couldn’t poke fun at noodler on his first day (yes, I dohave a filter, just not a very big one), but his SSH’s reminded me of a young TYA

  10. Note to self have associate doctor cover for at least 2 hour after your beat down. I am a chiropractor and need the use of my arms and shoulders. Those hills are for real and all that upper body beat down is no joke. Great job today, its always fun to watch the pax grow and become stronger. I can also tell who is all in and loves all the fs of f3, great job today!! I am so grateful I found a group of men that share the same values.