Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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8 Sunday warriors showed up this morning for trail day, in the glory and splendor of a beautiful sunny Father’s day morning with temps in the 50’s.  With our normal meeting spot being roped off, we borrowed the parking strip used for Dogpile as our makeshift starting point.  Other than that, the run took us on the now familiar and crowd pleasing route of Buttermilk to Forest Hill Loop, and back home on Buttermilk.  As a bonus, we got to return up Love Hill to complete the run!  Can YHC get a what-what!  Mileages varied between 8 and 9 miles, depending on which electronic device was wielded.


First off, let’s just get this out of the way….the men (and lady) that show up for trail runs are truly awesome.  Some are fast, some not so much….but at the core they are trail runners.  What does that mean?  They are in it for the beauty and splendor of the moment, and the comradarie found in their fellow runners.  What makes Sunday so unique is that we mostly run as a small pack that brings the 2nd F in to play more than the other days of the week.  There were several individual efforts and antics worth noting, but YHC feels that all who showed this morning put in a great effort that contributed to an awesome group run.

The trails were heavily trafficked this morning, especially on the homeward bound leg of Buttermilk.  The first group we passed was a small pack of mountain bikers who seemed more concerned about their Strava stats than other trail users (i.e. the pax).  That got the anti-mountain biking mumble chatter going full tilt.  But then, we came across a group of obviously foreign tourists that seemed to speak little English and all were armed with cameras hiking the trails….this group started cheering as we made our way past….how awesome!  Not a quarter of a mile past them, a large group of mountain bikers had actually stopped to allow us by, and they started cheering us on as well!  How surreal…  Needless to say, these last two groups put all pax in a better mood for the homeward pull.


-TSB has shorts with pockets, but they face the wrong way.  So close…

-Wilson states he hates running, but YHC thinks he only means on the road.

-New AO tomorrow at the Stone House in Forest Hill park (Batteau)…Hardywood is VQ’ing with a shiny new SF.

-Tuesday is roll call day!  Get out and post to any of the three workouts….and bring a friend!  60 total pax is the number to beat.

-Thoughts and prayers to Aisle 5 and family….daughter is heading out to AF Academy on Friday and has hit some red tape that potentially could set her back on her journey.

Lab Rat out

PS, BB title came from YHC’s Father’s day gift when he got home from the run, a technical T with title for the logo.  YHC is happy.


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  1. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Well said Lab Rat. Great run today. Sunday trails are a workout I hate to miss. Glad to be part of the group

  2. Thanks, brother. Missed you at ET’s, but figured the family had plans for you today. We’ll catch up next time.

  3. Great rundown of today’s events Lab Rat. The foreign tourist group was an example of what makes this town (and its outdoor options) so great.

    Sorry to miss ET but had to get some work out of the way so I could spend time with my daughter this afternoon. To that, just got back from an event at Hardywood (the place not the PAX). It was fun to finally buy my daughter a beer (legally that is).

    I hope you all had an enjoyable father’s day

    Saab pit

  4. Another tough run and yes, I dislike running particularly on pavement! I think Aisle 5 stopped briefly for a photo pop with the tourists!

  5. Hey Lab Rat – Thank You!

    Wilson there were 6 women calling out “train woo woo” why wouldn’t I want to stop for a photo opportunity? I’ve never been on that ride before.