Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Reminder — There is a Track at GridIron


Five (5) of the faithful posted to F3Richmond’s late-Saturday workout. The weather was sunny and 70 — really — and the humidity low. It was a perfect morning. Johnsonville (YHC) planted a SF, and took Q. This is how it went down, more or less:

30x slo’mo SSH (increasing cadence)
10x slo’mo merkins
20x slo’mo squats
10x slo’mo Alabama prom dates (left)
10x slo’mo Alabama prom dates (right)

Mosey up to center of track. COP
10x scapula merkins
10x 8 count deconstructed burpees (pan pax count)

Mosey onto track
2x 220m run
10x burpees
10x lt dan

2x 220m run
10x burpees
10x mt climber

2x 220m run
10x burpees
bear crawl along track about 25m

440m run
10x burpees
30x LBCs

440m run
bunny hop to center of field
reverse bunny hop to center of field
karaoke across field and back
single leg side hop 1/2 way across field
switch leg and hop the remainder

Mosey down to lower field
alternating between hash marks:
– bear crawl then lunge walk back
– crab walk then lunge walk back
– bunny hop then lunge walk back

Indian run around building and back to SF
Chiabatta dips

COT with Atilla taking us out


We were missing some regulars today on account of summer travel. Pigskin, who is visiting again from Charlotte, filled one of the gaps. We are always grateful to have him come out! Pigskin joined YHC and Jolly Rancher for coffee.

It was tough to get Jolly Rancher out this morning, but I conscripted him into service due to the possibility of another young man showing up. I was forced to bribe him by promising to buy him whatever he asked for at Coffeeteria. He opted for a bacon, egg, and cheese on CHOCOLATE CHIP bagel. Said it was delicious, but that he needed to order a second next time.

Atilla is heading on vacation this week to his family’s lakehouse in Alabama. Thankfully YHC had the PAX push out some Alabama Prom Dates this morning. No doubt, Atilla is ready!

FlipPhone informed me that he had finally upgraded to an iPhone 3. He said he was really taken aback by the built in calculator app.

It was a pleasure to lead strong me this morning. Great job!



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